Daily Swim Coach Workout #633

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Workout Context

  • Purpose:  Race Specificity
  • Target age group:  13-14 years old, 15-18 years old
  • Target level:  National/ Collegiate Level, Senior Age Group/ High School State Level
  • Weeks until target meet:  < 1 week
  • Team Location:  United States
  • Course:  25 Yards
  • Shared workout link:  Click here to view this workout on commitswimming.com

The Workout

RSD National/Champ
Monday [2/28/22]
PPP Sectionals [3 (4-5-6) days !]

Prepare/Process/Keep it Fun and Lite!

    2×100 free dpc, breath 5, fast [email protected]:35
    2×75 progressio: hinge-fist-full dpc-delta hand speed @1:30
    2×50 HVO dr into sw ch [email protected]:00
    2×25 scull or Bkwds Fr or sign ball or strike and hold @ Coaches

5×50 fr drop breath to fewest @1:00
6×25 o=r e=l dpc ch @:30
6×25 knuckle build ch @:35

2×50 u/o, o/u porpoise flow @1:00
2×25 shoot [email protected]:50
2×50 u/o,o/u porp glow @1:00
2×25 max velocity b/[email protected]:[email protected]:50

5×50 form G1 meditative stroke [email protected] on themes (anchor/vault/dpc/hold water/flow) choice

Pace Connection Work:
150 fr/ch/fr form flow g1
100 ch Build to RP
125 fr/ch flow g1
75 @ RP
2×100 form fr flow
2×50 @ RP
4×50 form rebuild
8×25 o=front end rp blocks e=back end rp push
All @Coach, take time to get it all right!

50 form rebuild
[20 bobs balanced]
400 social kick w board fr/pr by 100
400 pull breathing 3-4-5-6 by 100

4×25 MP turns w partner
4x relay exchange w partners
2×25 race blocks work start @Coach
5×50 warm down rebuild

Non Taper
(Coach Brandon, you can adjust or do something different, but something like this)
16×50 kick [4desc to tip/4 hold tip x2]

8×150 (1st and last 25 fly)
[A)[email protected]:00/[email protected]:55/[email protected]:00/[email protected]:50]

    200 breath 5 G3
    4×25 max ch G5
    2×100 breath 5 G3
    4×25 max ch G5

8×75 IM work
[2=fly-fly-bk, 2=bk-bk-br, 2=br-br-fr, 2=fly-bk-br]

warm down

Joe Benjamin
Head Coach, Rancho San Dieguito

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