Condorelli Sits in 3rd in Canada Commonwealth Cup Standings

Canadian swimmer Santo Condorelli is currently in 3rd place in the Canadian Commonwealth Cup standings. The competition is ongoing and will continue until the end of this calendar year.

Condorelli is a junior at USC, and was a part of the NCAA title winning 400 free relay at 2015 NCAAs, as well as being USC’s record holder in the 100 fly. At the 2015 Pan American Games, Condorelli earned a silver in the 100 free and a bronze in the 100 fly.

When Condorelli completes at meets such as the Grand Prix, he can use that event and his performance there to earn points for the cup.

The following is the leaderboard from the Cup:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.50.58 PM

(Courtesy: Commonwealth Cup)

Condorelli is in 3rd with 1,862 points to Tristen Chernove (Para-cycling) and Francois Imbeau-Dulac (Diving) who both have 2,000 points. Right below Condorelli is Philippe Gagne, who is also a diver, with 1,820 points. On the women’s side, Jasmin Glaesser (Cycling) is in first place with 2,100 points while para-swimmer Aurelie Rivard sits in 2nd with 1,640 points. You can see the full standings here

The requirements for the Cup are to be a national senior athlete or team, in good standing with their respective National Sport Organization (NSO).

The way in which the Cup operates is that Canadian Commonwealth athletes and teams earn Canadian Commonwealth Cup “points” using their best results from up to six events from a list of approved competitions by the NSO between January 1st and December 31st.

The following is the points scale:

                                                      Competition Level *

Result / Position %











Cup Points

1st 100 X 1000 500 330
2nd 80 X 800 400 265
3rd 60 X 600 300 200
4th 50 X 500 250 165
5th 45 X 450 225 150
6th 40 X 400 200 130
7th 36 X 360 180 120
8th 32 X 320 160 105
Semi Final  Average of 3rd and 4th place points
Quarter Final  Average of 5th to 8th place points

                                                    (adapted from FIS Crystal Globe Points System)

Semi Final (3 & 4 avg.) is to be used where athletes/teams have lost in the semi finals and there is no system for determining who finished in 3rd or 4th place. It is the average of the points totals for 3rd and 4th place.

Quarter Final (5 to 8 avg.) is to be used where athletes/teams have lost in the quarter finals and there is no system for determining who finished in 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th place. It is the average of the points totals for 5th to 8th place.

The are also multiple different competition levels, which are organized into Level A, B, and C. Level A are the most competitive events and level C are the least. You can see which specific events fall into which category below.

* Competition Levels:

  • Level A: Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, World Sr Championships                       
  • Level B: University Games, Continental Games & Champs, World – Cups/Series/Grand Prix/Leagues         
  • Level C: Int’l – Invitationals/Opens                                                                                                                 

The 6 (six) best event results from of a maximum of; 2 Level A competitions, and/or  4 Level B competitions, and/or  6 Level C competitions.

The prize money distribution for the top 8 men and top 8 women is the following:



Champion $10,000 $1,500
2nd $7,500 $1,000
3rd $5,500 $750
4th $4,000
5th $2,750
6th $1,750
7th $1,000
8th $ 500
TOTAL $ 33,000 $3,250

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