Competitor Coach of the Month: Karl Krug, Spartans Aquatic Club

Competitor Coach of the Month is a recurring SwimSwam feature shedding light on a U.S.-based coach who has risen above the competition. As with any item of recognition, Competitor Coach of the Month is a subjective exercise meant to highlight one coach whose work holds noteworthy context – perhaps a coach who was clearly in the limelight, or one whose work fell through the cracks a bit more among other stories. If your favorite coach wasn’t selected, feel free to respectfully recognize them in our comment section.

It’s been a light month of swimming competition. But coach Karl Krug and the Spartans Aquatic Club in Georgia had a shockingly-fast showing at its Red vs Gold intrasquad meet from July 10-12.

Of the 26 events swum, 14 event winners bettered their seed times. The standout was rising high school senior Peter Sacca, who hit five new personal-best times. The 17-year-old isn’t yet tied to a college program, but should be moving up in his class after some big July drops:

Peter Sacca, Time Drops, July 2020:

Pre-July 2020 July 2020
100y fly 49.50 48.96
50y free 21.05 20.73
100y back 51.75 50.47
200y fly 1:53.98 1:52.19
200y IM 1:53.78 1:52.04

Others winning events in career-best times, despite the coronavirus pandemic restricting training and competition this summer:

  • Zara Boyer, age 12: dropped from 2:18.90 to 2:11.50 in the 200 free
  • Sophie Hamilton, age 11: dropped from 1:01.78 to 1:01.42 in the 100 free
  • Jensen Nelson, age 15: dropped from 1:55.86 to 1:55.36 in the 200 back
  • Marlee Carmichael, age 12: dropped from 32.10 to 31.86 in the 50 fly
  • Emma Thorne, age 12: dropped from 15.76 to 15.75 in the 25 fly
  • Hudson Smithage 12: dropped from 35.11 to 34.47 in the 50 back
  • Whalen Pfister, age 10: seeded with no times (NT), but won the 25 back (18.62), 25 breast (21.95) and 25 free (15.32)


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2 years ago

Koach Karl is also extremely highly regarded. Probably doesn’t win the GA LSC accolades because they seem to be based more off of a popularity contest, and when you’re up against 2 of the largest clubs in the country, it’s hard to overcome. Extremely professional and highly respected! Way to go Karl!

Reply to  Anonymous
2 years ago

Lol cmon man don’t do this on Swimswam.

GA Boy
2 years ago

Everyone loves da Karl😎

2 years ago

Coach Karl is one of the most innovative and exciting coach’s I have gotten the pleasure of swimming for, He brings swimming to a whole new level of enjoyment from the age-group to elite senior level and produces exceptional athletes that succeed in and out of the pool. He puts the same effort into each of his swimmers no matter the skill level.

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Jared Anderson

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