Columbia Police Department to Investigate Alleged Rape of Missouri Swimmer

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 8

January 28th, 2014 College, News, SEC

Where the University of Missouri has chosen not to open an investigation into the allegations of rape of former Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey, the Columbia Police Department has decided that they will.

According to, the Columbia PD has decided to open an investigation following the report by ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

After Courey committed suicide, it was discovered that she had told several people, including crisis counselors, that she was raped by members of the Missouri football team.

The statement from the university on the matter:

As a result of information that first came to the University of Missouri’s attention in a Friday, January 24th report by ESPN’s Outside the Lines program related to former student-athlete Sasha Menu Courey, the MU Police Department submitted information to the Columbia Police Department (CPD) on the evening of Saturday, January 25th. This information from ESPN’s story included names of individuals who might have relevant information regarding the alleged February 2010 assault.

After review of this new information which was previously unavailable to MU, it was determined that the alleged assault occurred off campus, and therefore lies within the jurisdiction of CPD. The university will assist CPD in any way possible as they conduct their investigation.

The university’s tone in this statement has turned from a tone of combativeness with the “angle” of the report in statements made before its release into one of cooperation, and seeming credit to the Outside the Lines report for providing new information.

Watch the full Outside the Lines report here, where ESPN says that at least one athletic department staffer knew of the allegations. Read our first report, including links to statements from Missouri, here.

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Wow, does Mizzou coach come off looking like a bozo!


I agree. University got caught and he just relized who the ‘fall guy’ was going to be.


In terms of honesty, integrity and respect, Coach Rhodenbaugh’s reputation in the swimming community is second to none. ESPN’s coverage is irresponsible at best, filled with unfounded accusations and careless omissions of fact. One might ask why ESPN didn’t interview past swimmers or other parents for their impressions of the coach’s compassion, loyalty and support of athletes. Perhaps they did–and what they found did not fit their agenda. Lastly, it’s a sad commentary on the swimming community when individuals are so quick to assume the worst of others, particularly those who are characterized by honesty and integrity. Let’s try for better in the future.


Swim Bob, thanks for your commentary. If you look at his body language and how he answered, he came off looking real bad(ESPN or not). I Said nothing about whether he did something right or wrong. So lets try for better in the future as this topic does need to be addressed in college athletics and life in general.


One more reason to hate Missouri

Steve Nolan

Ooh, right in the nick of time.

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