Coach’s Intel: Crimson Aquatics Distance Set

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Here is a distance practice courtesy of Kyle Schack. He is the head coach & High Performance Coach at Crimson Aquatics, which is also the home of open water swimmer Olympian Alex Meyer.


10×100 @1:10 smooth

10×[email protected]:15 build 4th 25

10×[email protected]:20 2nd 50 strong effort

10×[email protected]:25 25 smooth 75 strong

10×[email protected]:30 hold fastest pace possible


BONUS: For added fun put several swimmers in the same lane leaving at the same time for an open water feel.


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I’d be curious as to how much Alex (or a guy like Liam Egan) is putting down the hammer on the last 10. Are they sub 1:00 at the end of something like that?

Regardless, thanks for sharing.

Kyle Schack

B., we did this meters sometime in early June. Liam and Alex were in the same lane splitting sides. Liam has more pool speed and would push slightly behind Alex sometimes. They are competitive and fun guys which lead to some bumping up and down the pool. Alex is far more savvy in terms of full speed shenanigans. Last 10 they were 1:02ish and jostling each other. Last 1 they went 10 apart Alex was 58 Liam 56.

C Martin

Looks pretty good. Schack runs a pretty reputable distance program up at Harvard. Most notable are Liam Egan and the aforementioned Alex Meyer. Have to try this someday. Keep ’em coming SwimSwam!

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