Club Profile: Clovis Swim Club – Clovis, New Mexico

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September 26th, 2012 Club, Lifestyle, News

In this club profile we visit Clovis Swim Club in New Mexico.   This is not the typical place we think of when it we hear club swimming, but these folks are serious: seriously cool, seriously committed, seriously fun and seriously excellent.   The club is relatively new (less than 10 years old) but they have a strong tradition of excellence.    It’s fascinating to see swimming in all it’s forms around the county and this is a stark contrast to to the places that usually come to mind when thinking of great club swimming (Irvine, Palo Alto, Austin, Baltimore, etc).   The club’s head coach runs one of the largest cattle ranches and corn/wheat farming operations in the state (3000 acres and a whole lot of cattle).   But despite these differences, they are swimmers just like anywhere else and they dream big and train hard.    Of the many things we noted during our visit was the focus and determination the swimmers bring to the pool and their training.   The coaching staff is very technically focused an they are stringent in their attention to detail.   This focus plus a well thought out annual training plan and training at an altitude 4500 make these swimmers a force with which to be reckoned.   We think it won’t be long until we start seeing swimmers from this club emerge on the national stage.   With this said, their most valuable asset is their love for the sport and their commitment to team.

Thanks Clovis Swim Club for sharing you passion for the sport with us.


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That awkward moment when you swam for Clovis Swim Club in Fresno, CA and got really excited… great article & video

cynthia curran

Well, Cathy Car was from New Mexico and won the 100 meter breast in 1972. Not certain about football,I think New Mexico is thought as the Road Runner state but actually Arizona has more. Road Runners New Mexcio is windy and also I lthink more cactus in Arizona or the desert of California.


I remember Cathy Carr too but didn’t realize she was from New Mexico. Justine Schluntz is from there too. And former NFL player for the Colts/Vikings, Hank Baskett, actually grew up, and played HS football, in Clovis.

I enjoy this series. I hope to see more clubs profiled in the future


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