Claire Weinstein Comes Within .42 of 200 Free NAG on Relay Leadoff at Sr Mets

2021 TYR Senior Metropolitan Summer Championships

The 2021 TYR Senior Metropolitan Summer Championships opened Thursday evening with timed finals of women’s and men’s 800 freestyle and women’s and men’s 4×200 free relays. 14-year-old Claire Weinstein of Westchester Aquatic Club, who competed at Olympic Trials Wave II in the 200/400/800 free, led off the women’s relay with a 1:58.95 to crack 2:00 for the first time. She dropped 1.9 seconds from her previous PB of 2:00.82 and came within .42 of the Girls 13-14 National Age Group Record of 1:58.53 set by Sippy Woodhead in 1982. Weinstein moved from 10th to 4th on the all-time list for 13-14 girls.


All-Time Top-10 200 Meter Free, 13-14 Girls

Rank Time Athlete LSC Team Meet Date
1 1:58.53 Sippy Woodhead CA UN 1978 US NAG Records 1/1/1978
2 1:58.58 Claire Tuggle CA CLOV 2018 Jr Pan Pacific Champs 8/22/2018
3 1:58.67 Missy Franklin US STAR 2009 Summer Junior Nats 8/9/2009
4 1:58.95 Claire Weinstein MR WEST 2021 TYR Senior Mets Summer Championships 7/15/2021
5 1:59.14 Chelsea Chenault CA TERA 2009 Summer Junior Nats 8/9/2009
6 1:59.19 Quinn Carrozza OK UN 2011 Summer Junior Nats 8/7/2011
7 1:59.85 Erin Gemmell PV NCAP 2019 Summer Nationals 7/31/2019
8 2:00.00 Melissa Trueblood US UN 12/31/1983
9 2:00.01 Katie Ledecky PV NCAP 2012 Pro Swim – Missouri 2/9/2012
10 2:00.14 Taylor Ruck PC SAC 2014 Summer Junior Nats 7/29/2014

Westchester Aquatic Club (Weinstein, Isabella Vega, Kate Anderson, and Maya Bezanson) placed 3rd with 8:27.12. Long Island Aquatic Club came in first with 8:17.82 from Cavan Gormsen (2:02.15), Sophia Karras (2:07.02), Annabelle Corcoran (2:06.60), and Tess Howley (2:02.05). Badger Swim Club finished second thanks to Hana Shimizu-Bowers (2:03.85), Vanessa Chong (2:06.54), Joy Jiang (2:06.91), and Kristin Cornish (2:04.08) who combined for 8:21.38.

LIAC’s Karras won the 800 free with 8:52.50, just 4.3 off her seed time. Long Island Express’s Mary McKenna touched second in 9:00.31. Corcoran and Bezanson dropped 4.4 and 8.6 seconds, respectively, to finish 3rd and 4th with 9:03.86 and 9:06.29. LIAC’s Sarah Larsen went 13.4 seconds faster than her seed time to finish 5th in 9:06.74.

14-year-old Sean Green of Long Island Aquatic Club won the men’s 800 free with a best-by-21.4-seconds 8:21.03. Prior to tonight, his best performance in the 800 was 8:42.44 from the LIAC Spring Kickoff Invitational in May 2021. His teammate JuanCarlos Castrillon stopped the clock at 8:30.21 for second place. LIE’s Patrick Broderick improved his time by 20.7 seconds to edge John Laidlaw from BGNW Marlins, 8:35.80 to 8:35.92, for third. Laidlaw’s time was a PB by 7 seconds. 5th-place Matthew Giardinelli of LIAC went 11.2 seconds faster than his seed time to place 5th with 8:36.91.

In the men’s relays, LIAC’s Billy Swartwout (1:53.57), Castrillon (1:55.74), Griffen Schimmel (1:59.45), and Alvin Tsai (1:56.80) touched first in 7:45.56. Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics clocked in at 7:46.24 for second place with Tristan Pragnell (1:56.56), Adell Sabovic (1:56.75), Eugenio Massari (1:57.19), and Dylan Zhang (1:55.74).

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1 year ago

Is Woodhead’s 200 free the oldest 13-14 women’s NAG at this point?

Reply to  Andy
1 year ago

She also set the 400 free in 4:07.15 in 1978. I’m not sure which race came first.

Jesse Vassallo’s 1500 free on the boys’ side is older

He said what?
Reply to  Braden Keith
1 year ago

I can’t believe Jesse’s 1500 free record is 45 years old. That has got to be the all time oldest ever national record for any age-group, male and/or female.

Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

And here’s Claire Weinstein’s race video.
I like the “no she didn’t, no she didn’t” at the end. Her family looks disappointed that she didn’t break the NAG record. 😆 Hey, she dropped almost 2 seconds from her previous PB!

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Not at all disappointed! Never for a second! Completely amazed by her!

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

That didn’t sound as of disappointment….

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

I understood that to mean her family was amazed at her time because it was a big drop- like “No way!”. I think you misinterpreted the commentary.

Mediocre Swammer
Reply to  Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

That definitely sounded like a excited disbelief “no she didn’t” rather than disappointment. I assume her goal at the time was to break 2 minutes and she did so easily (or her mom just knew she had dropped quite a lot of time).

Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Fastest 13/14 girl ever in the world in the women’s 200 free is Canadian Summer McIntosh with her 1.56.19 of last month.
Race video here

Bobo Gigi
1 year ago

Great swim. Maybe she can break that legendary antique NAG record of 1.58.53 made at worlds 1978 in the 200 free individual of that meet. Or later in the summer.

1 year ago

So we have another Claire.
Only 4 of 10 fastest 13-14 yo girls in this list became actually successful 200 FR swimmers. 3 of them were sprinters and another one is Ledecky.
Since Claire isn’t a sprinter and isn’t Ledecky then in accordance to this statistics the chances that Claire Weinstein becomes a strong 200FR swimmer in Paris Olympics are less than 50%.
She is probably very happy of such strong improvement. Congratulations. Please, prove me and such statistics wrong. There is a huge gap behind Ledecky and Americans need 1:54 young swimmer.
How old is she actually (years, months)? Is she 13 or will be 15 tomorrow?

Reply to  Yozhik
1 year ago

According to USA Swimming times database, she was swimming as 13 as late as February 21, 2021 and first meet as a 14 was in early March, so that argues she has around 8 months before she ages up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Swimfan

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