Cincinnati Announces Swimming & Diving Coaching Change

Press release courtesy of the University of Cincinnati:

CINCINNATI – University of Cincinnati director of athletics Mike Bohn announced Tuesday that men’s and women’s swimming and diving coach Monty Hopkins’ contract has not been renewed by the University.  His employment agreement expires April 30, 2014.

“We wish to thank Coach Hopkins for his 25-year tenure and service to his alma mater,” said Bohn. “The University of Cincinnati is fully committed to the future growth and success of its swimming and diving programs. We live in an area that is passionate and energetic about swimming and we want to be able to harness and build on that moving forward.  We will immediately commence a national search for our next head coach who will positively impact our program and the future of Bearcats Swimming and Diving.”

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7 years ago

I don’t know what the inside story here is but:

Alum and 25 year head coach….recently had men’s team unfunded then refunded…had a women’s swimmer at NCAAs this year.

That’s a tough one.

Reply to  NONA
7 years ago

To put it bluntly: he is a terrible coach.

7 years ago

You may not like him but his history proves he is not a terrible coach.

Reply to  Neptune
7 years ago

This time of year is always open season on replacing coaches.

Having said that, Monte was a “you either loved him or hated him” coach.

I do feel for the recruits who thought the program was turning around.

Maybe it will…time will tell..

Seems it’s in the water in Ohio..

First Ohio University now UC.

Seems nobody has a lock on it anymore…..

7 years ago

This is the first move by the new AD to get rid of the swim/dive program. At least the men’s program. They’ll bring a coach for a year or two and then get rid of the program. It’s a sad day for Cincinnati swimming.

Reply to  betweenthelines
7 years ago

they are not getting rid of a program the just returned funding to and built a beautiful new facility for no too many years ago

Reply to  Jon
7 years ago

Jon – Athletics Departments rarely (though not never) build pools. They usually belong to the Campus recreation department, so the presence of a new pool doesn’t have much bearing on an AD’s opinion because he’s paying to rent it, not own it.

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