Champs! Georgia Wins 2013 Women’s NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships

The Georgia Bulldogs are the champions of the 2013 Division I NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships, making their 5th title of all-time.

For full coverage, including video interviews, recaps, and analysis, check out our NCAA Championship landing page: presented by Engine.

The titles for all-time team championships in the 32 years of women’s NCAA swimming:

1. Stanford – 8
2. Texas – 7
T-3. Georgia – 5
T-3. Auburn – 5
5. Cal 3
6. Florida 2
T-7. Arizona – 1
T-7 USC – 1

The familiar faces on this staff of head coach Jack Bauerle and senior Associate Head Coach Harvey Humphries have been here for the whole run: one that started in 1999. Stefanie Williams is in her first year as a Georgia assistant, but she was on three NCAA Championship winning teams as a senior in her previous life.


Diving coach Dan Laak has also been here for all 5 titles.

Jerry Champers came in 2002, meaning that he was here for the 2005 title. The only newcomer to the club is Brian Smith, who is in his 6th season with the Bulldogs.

Congrats to the whole Georgia roster:

Ann-Perry Blank JR
Olivia Boggs SO
Sommers Creed SO
Meghan Faulkner SO
Hali Flickinger FR
Kelsey Gaid SR
Haley Goodman FR
Jessica Graber JR
Lauren Harrington SO
Maddie Locus SO
Ansley Long JR
Brittany MacLean FR
Melanie Margalis JR
Jordan Mattern SO
Amber McDermott SO
Megan Molnar SO
Anna Neumeister SO
Darcie O’Brien SO
Shannon O’Malley SO
Courtney Peters SO
Megan Romano SR
Laura Ryan JR
Allison Schmitt RS SR
Kelly Thatcher FR
Chantal Van Landeghem FR
Nicole Vernon SO
Shannon Vreeland JR
Annie Zhu FR

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As I predicted, Georgia ran away with the title this time.
But next year, CAL will blow everyone away


What’s crazy is next year, with the Egyptian 50 flyer and some sprinters coming in, Cal is loaded with relay options and can probably rest some big guns in relay prelims. My head spins just thinking about the options.

Also, Georgia won’t be so bad either. Smoliga has the potential to get those short relays into contention, offsetting somewhat the Senior losses.


Agree with CoachNerd. The loss of Schmitt and Romano will be significant but I still count on a very close meet between Cal and Georgia next year.
I have to disagree with Aswimfan because Smoliga is legit and she is as fast in short course yards (50,100 Free, 100 Back) as most of the finalists right now.
Plus, Georgia keeps Vreeland, McDermott and McLean in distance free along with Zhu and Margalis in breastroke + Chantal…as impressive as Missy is….Cal knows that it still has lots of parts that it needs to improve, breastroke and distance free being significant weaknesses that Terri needs to address.
Kudos again to the Bulldogs, very impressive overall team performance.


Missy could also be competing for the win in the 500 free the next two years since Ledecky isn’t going to be NCAA age at that point. Seems like you could put her pretty much anywhere needed save for maybe the 1650, 50 free and 400 IM.


Okay, and probably not the 200 breast either.

A swim fan

Yes. And I’m sure Cal will be looking for Ledecky after Missy goes pro.


Congrats to the Dawgs, especially Jack and Schmitt. Good things happen to good people. They earned and deserved the win. Smoliga, Cameron, and Zilinskas will be stars, but losing Schmitt and Romano will hurt. As noted, Teri’s team has some holes (breaststroke, diving, and distance), plus no Leverentz. Barring a miracle, Missy will be Cal’s best sprint breastsroker and will swim breast on at at least the 2IM relay. OTOH, 2 time NCAA champ, Cindy Tran, will be only he third best 100 backstroker on the team next year. Vredeveld and Missy will add sprint depth. Acker developed sooner than expected. Li, Osman, and Batchelor will pump up the fly corps. Pelton and Bootsma are already stars. Piehl and Bing… Read more »

An Armchair Fan

ASWIMFAN – “But next year, CAL will blow everyone away” Ha Bear fans need to sniff a dose of reality! Bunch of people jumping on Cal’s bandwagon when this season started and prematurely predicting yet another NCAA title sweep easily going to Berkeley. Well guess what – a complete and well-deserved blowout here by the mighty Dawgs, wasn’t much of a contest at all after all. The past few days have exposed serious holes and vulnerabilities in the over-vaunted Golden Bears team (ones which were evident before) – particularly in the distance, breaststroke, IMs, diving, and even in the all-important relays, esp where depth is concerned (Leverenz’s departure will be a major blow for scoring any points in the breasts… Read more »


An Armchair Fan,

I am not a bunch of people jumping on CAL bandwagon, and in fact I predicted Georgia to have runaway win before NCAA started.

With Pelton and Boostma, Missy doesn’t have to swim back at all next year, and she can focus on the frees: 100 – 200 – 500 where she can win them all. And Pelton will still swim 200 IM, replacing Leverenz as the top scorer.

Also, as BK said, next year CAL will have other amazing incoming class, and with Missy, Boostma, Pelton, and Osman, CAL will sweep the free relays (if not all relays).

Bar some catastrophes, I see CAL run away with the title next year.


The addition of Franklin won’t significantly impact Cal, and the departure of Schmitt and Romano won’t significantly impact Georgia. Yeah, okay.

s gomez

i guess i’m a troll, but i really like megan romano. call me shallow but i think she’s the most beautiful swimmer at the top level in america. (will i get my comment for that?)

on a serious note: anyone know if Romano and Schmidt plan to train post graduation? i feel like schmidt is a huge player on the international scene and a far stronger long course swimmer. i also feel like if you throw romano on a relay in an international meet she will perform at the same level we saw this weekend. does geogia have a post graduate group? i know schmidt trained with NBAC during her redshirt year


IIRC from an interview, I think Schmitt is going back to NBAC to train for World Championships. I’m not sure what Romano is doing

bobo gigi

Excuse me but the most beautiful swimmer in USA at the top level is Miss America Olivia Smoliga. There is no doubt about that.


Bobo, that is just your opinion. I also agree with Gomez that Megan Romano is really pretty.


Congratulations Jack and Harvie as “Philly” boy makes good again. Don would have been proud.

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