CAS Announces July 20th Hearing Date for Cielo, Other Brazilians

The international Court of Arbitration for Sport has announced the timeline for its decision on the punishment for Cesar Cielo and his three brazilian teammates, who tested positive at the Maria Lenk Trophy for the banned substance furosemide.

The CAS will dispatch an arbitration panel to Shanghai, will they will convede a half-day hearing on July 20th. Some parties (including the accused and some witnesses) will join via teleconference. The CAS will then deliberate, and has assured a decision no later than July 22nd. The pool-swimming portion of the World Championships will begin July 24th.

FINA has requested that the warning given as punishment by the Brazilian swimming federation (CBDA) be replaced with a suspension and forfeiture of all results since the positive tests. Based on the wording of the appeal, it is implied that FINA will not consider “time served,” and are asking that any suspension will begin as of the date that the CAS decision is rendered. This would mean that a suspension of any length would disqualify Cielo, the only swimmer who is still entered into the World Championships, from competition.

Now that we know the timeline for the decision, I expect everything to be pretty quiet between now and next Wednesday when the hearing is scheduled for. The full text of the release is below.

Lausanne, 13 July 2011 – Following the registration of four appeals filed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) against Cesar Cielo, Nicholas dos Santos, Henrique Ribeiro Marques Barbosa and Vinicus Rocha Barbosa Waked and the Brazilian Aquatics Confederation (CBDA), the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) confirms that these matters will be settled by way of an expedited procedure.

A CAS Panel will hear all parties concerned at a hearing which will take place in Shanghai on 20 July 2011, with some parties and witnesses participating via video conference. The hearing should last approximately half a day. Then, the arbitral Panel will start its deliberations and will render its final decisions no later than 22 July 2011 at the end of the day (Swiss time).

In its appeals, FINA requests that the warnings issued by the CBDA be replaced by a period of ineligibility and that the results achieved by the athletes from the date of sample collection (7/8 May 2011 depending on athlete concerned) until the commencement of the period of ineligibility be annulled.

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11 years ago

Beijing case is another story.LZR was juicing all the times.I dont expect a 47.24 soon in a jammer…(I hope i am totally wrong!)
What i was think is something like open in 22.40 and come home in 25.09 and shut down all that crap i heard about only sub25 wins olympics.
With his young age, i will not be surprised if Magnussen blasts a 47.5 next year.

11 years ago

Well, with current high standard of men sprinting, it is not enough to just “take it easy first 50” and “strong come home” to win 100 at the olympics.

We have evidence:
In Beijing, Phelps was at his absolute best, and in the first leg of the final of mens 400 FR, Phelps lost to Sullivan: 47.50 to 47.24

Also, Thorpe’s Athens when he only won bronze ion the 100 thanks to his “strong come home” but very pedestrian first lap.

11 years ago

I will be shocked if CAS will give less than 6 months(even if i know he is not a cheater).His situation is like Daynaras case.And she got 6 months.But i will be more shocked if him swimming under all that pressure, come home with 3 individual golds.It will be funny, with all that crap already being told about him by some swimmers.The only event where i dont think he can be(in theory) defeated, is 50 fly.
That doping case crapped my predictions, and the hope i had: Shut bob bowman and his teories about 100 freestyle, where he believes just with a strong come home(read sub 25s) can win Olympic gold medal, that s the why he wants Phelps… Read more »

11 years ago

yknow.. from a fan’s point of view, with the decision 2 days before the first relays, I almost rather the decision be released after the championship so we can at least see what CIelo can do. If hes allowed to complete he’d retain whatever medals he had. If he’s not, at least we would see. ALso… if its a 6month suspension or something, the week of difference shouldnt make that big of a difference.

Cayley Guimaraes
11 years ago

Yep! Half an hour defence. A day and a half for deliberation: gents, the veridict is already in….
And that is me saying CAS will be fair, and do what it has to do!

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