Capobianco Wins Men’s 3-Meter, Schnell Claims Women’s 10-Meter At U.S. Diving Trials

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June 24th, 2024 Diving, National, News

Courtesy: USA Diving

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Andrew Capobianco (Holly Springs, N.C./Bloomington, Ind.) and Delaney Schnell (Tucson, Arizona) won individual men’s 3-meter and women’s 10-meter titles as the U.S. Olympic Team Trials wrapped up Sunday.

Carson Tyler (Moultrie, Ga./Bloomington, Ind.) also qualified on 3-meter with a second-place finish a day after winning men’s 10-meter. Tyler becomes the first American since Mark Ruiz in 2000 to qualify in both individual 3-meter and 10-meter events at the same Olympic Games.

“It feels amazing. Hearing that is just crazy. It really doesn’t sound real,” Tyler said.

Capobianco won the 3-meter contest with 971.80 points over his two lists of dives to make his second Olympic team. Tyler finished the 3-meter contest with 945.75 points.

Scores from Friday’s semifinal carried over, and Capobianco had a 21.65-point lead over Tyler and was 77.15 points ahead of third heading into the final. He scored 81-plus points on five of his six dives, but he missed his fourth-round dive for just 32.40 points. He bounced back with 93.6 and 93.10 points on his front 4 ½ tuck and his front 2 ½ with three twists to cap off the victory.

“I definitely had more nerves today than I thought. I had a pretty big lead coming into today. Usually, I’m pretty good at being the comeback kid and coming from behind, so I’m not really used to having that lead and having to try and keep it,” Capobianco said. “It’s definitely hard to dive like that where you’re diving not to miss instead of diving to hit. I think I did a good job managing that. I had one miss in there I’m not too happy about. Everything else was really solid, so I can’t be too mad.”

After winning the 10-meter contest by 73.15 points on Saturday, Tyler came through with another consistent effort in the 3-meter final. He scored no lower than 71 points on any of his six 3-meter dives. He received three 9.0s for 78 points on a back 2 ½ pike and finished with 84 points on a reverse 1 ½ with 3 ½ twists.  He endured four straight days of competition, with preliminary and semifinal events on both Thursday and Friday and finals on Saturday and Sunday.

“I would just say training and everything has prepared me, but it is a challenge. I am definitely feeling it, but the adrenaline helps. I was a little tired today, but I really just dug deep and we made it through,” Tyler said.

With her individual win, Schnell will also compete two events in Paris. She had previously qualified in synchronized 10-meter earlier in the trials.

Schnell finished the individual final with 638.00 points over her two lists of 10-meter dives. She entered the final leading by 18.1 points. Although she had some misses in the final, she maintained her lead throughout the contest.

“Today was a tough one. I think it’s been a really long 10 days of diving. I had the synchronized event and had to come off that high. I had to come back to the pool with pretty much no days off. It’s been go, go, go with lots of reps on 10-meter. I was battling a little exhaustion today, a little mental exhaustion,” Schnell said. “I think that was kind of where I struggled today. I’m really looking forward to going to Paris and hopefully performing much better because I know I’m capable of a lot more.”

Schnell scored 81 points on a front 3 ½ pike and added 77.55 points on a back 3 ½ tuck, but she also had two dives that scored below 50 points.

USA Diving will await word on a potential second spot in women’s 10-meter after World Aquatics reallocates quota spots.

Daryn Wright (Plainfield, Ind./West Lafayette, Ind.) finished second with 596.35 points. Just 3.45 points separated Wright and her Purdue teammate Sophia McAfee (San Marino, Calif./West Lafayette, Ind.) heading into the last round. Wright responded with 68.80 points on her back 2 ½ with 1 ½ twists for her highest scoring dive of the night. McAfee finished third at 581.70.


June 23, 2024

Men’s 3-Meter Final

1. Andrew Capobianco (Johansen Diving Academy), 971.80;2. Carson Tyler (Johansen Diving Academy), 945.75;3. Quentin Henninger (Johansen Diving Academy), 870.50;4. Luke Sitz (Dallas Metroplex Diving), 843.60;5. Tyler Downs (RipFest), 842.40;6. Grayson Campbell (Mission Viejo Nadadores Dive), 802.20;7. Jack Ryan (Stanford Diving), 790.20;8. Gregory Duncan (Purdue Diving), 731.70;9. Evan Moretti (New York Dive Club), 720.50;10. Brendan McCourt (Longhorn Aquatics), 719.40;11. Max Fowler (Georgia Tech Diving), 701.15;12. Clayton Chaplin (Unattached), 676.75;

Women’s 10-Meter Final

1. Delaney Schnell (Unattached), 638.00;2. Daryn Wright (Purdue Diving), 596.35;3. Sophia McAfee (Purdue Diving), 581.70;4. Bayleigh Cranford (Unattached), 557.45;5. Katrina Young (Trojan Dive Club), 548.50;6. Aliyah Watson (Unattached), 543.50;7. Taylor Fox (Mission Viejo Nadadores Dive), 534.85;8. Anna Lemkin (Mission Viejo Nadadores Dive), 513.10;9. Jordan Skilken (Longhorn Aquatics), 506.15;10. Casey Greenberg (Gator Dive Club), 495.20;11. Katerina Hoffman (Knight Diving Academy), 478.05;12. Gabrielle Filzen (RipFest), 475.15.

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26 days ago

Anyone care to briefly sketch out the rules of whether/how we get 1 or 2 slots?

IU Swammer
26 days ago

Simply, it’s like swimming relays at the Olympics, but more complicated. It’s largely based on how the country’s divers placed at worlds/international championships, but spots can (and do) open, and then individual performance comes in.

26 days ago

Is there a link to full results?