Can data make you faster?

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December 16th, 2015 Canada, Gear, Industry, International, News

December 12, 2015

It’s mid-way in the swim season: Are you on track to hit your goals this year? What did you do to push yourself closer to that goal today? Do you remember what your goals are?

Most of would us answer, “I swam what my coach put on the board, and I worked hard, so I’m sure it will pay off with me reaching a personal best by the end of the year.”

Training hard can only get you so far, you also have to train smart.

At TritonWear, we produce essential performance data with meaningful trends so you can track improvements, see your progress towards goals, and making corrections when you are not progressing fast enough.

Not much bigger than a tempo trainer, the Triton unit clips onto the back of your goggle strap, automatically calculating over a dozen key performance metrics, including: splits, stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke, turn time, time underwater, dolphin kicks off the wall, and more.

TritonWear (courtesy of TritonWear)

Sports such as cycling, rowing and football have been tracking athlete’s performance for the better part of a decade with data that could not have been gathered manually.

TritonWear does all the work of tracking your swimming data so you and your coach can focus on quality training, not calculating and logging metrics.

Imagine having a visual representation of all of the weaknesses in your strokes that are holding you back.

All of the data collected by your Triton unit is sent to your coach’s tablet in real-time and shows up in an easy-to-use display so adjustments can be made immediately based on clear visual trends.

Find out more about Real-Time Feedback here.

TritonWear (courtesy of TritonWear)

Each of your workouts is also automatically linked to an online profile so you can check performance and manage progression over time.

Make the most out of your limited time in the pool with the peace of mind that all of your data will be there when you and your coach need it.

With a few simple clicks you can overlay and compare test sets to gauge your time progression, or compare metric progression like stroke rate, or time underwater over the course of a set.

TritonWear (courtesy of TritonWear)

And yes, we automatically build your sets for you! You never have to input your sets in advance.

Learn more about Long-Term Tracking here.

With TritonWear all of this power is at your fingertips with next to no work on your part.

Don’t get left in the wake of your competitors. The data revolution is coming to swimming and make sure you are on the top of the podium when it does.

TritonWear (courtesy of TritonWear)




Swimming News is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

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