California State University Campuses to Remain Closed Through Fall 2020

All 23 California State University campuses will remain closed with most instruction moved online through the fall semester in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, chancellor Timothy White announced Tuesday. Cal State East Bay announced that its fall semester athletics are canceled as well, but it’s not yet clear how the remaining schools will handle athletics.

Note that the Cal State system operates independently of the University of California (UC) system. The UC system has yet to release an official decision, but a spokesman told CBS2 its 10 campuses were unlikely to fully reopen this fall.

“This virtual planning approach for the next academic year is necessary because of the evolving data surrounding the progression of COVID 19,” White told CSU trustees, according to ABC7.

The majority of classes across the Cal State system will be taught online, White said, with limited exceptions (like nursing courses and labs) allowing for in-person instruction. The CSU campuses, which reach about 482,000 students annually, had moved to online classes in March.

“The enrollment per section will be less; for instruction and research laboratories the distance between participants greater; the need for personal protective equipment appropriate to the circumstance prevalent; and the need to sanitize and disinfect spaces and equipment between users essential,” White said.

Cal State Fullerton had already announced in April that it would remain closed through the fall.

The closures could be devastating for men’s water polo, which is an early fall sport that historically has its strongest teams based in California. Long Beach State, which finished last season ranked No. 7 in the nation, is included in the closures.

Six of the Cal State schools have at least a women’s swim team. San Jose State, CSU East Bay, Fresno State, and San Diego only have women’s programs, while Cal Poly and Cal State Bakersfield have both a women’s and men’s team. CSU East Bay (the only Division II team) is the defending PCSC champion and San Diego State was the 2020 Mountain West champion and qualified four for NCAAs.

Six UC schools also have at least a women’s swim team. UC Davis and UCLA only have women’s programs, while UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz have both a women’s and men’s team.

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I know this will be met with plenty of negativity but this is by far the best way to handle this. It’ll give professors a few months to come up with a proper online course curriculum and potentially something much more interactive than the current last ditch effort we saw this spring.

Interested to see how many more universities come out with this in the coming weeks.

Edit: Hopefully this comes with reduced tuition. Would be awful to expect students to pay the normal tuition rates for a completely different experience

Here’s where I get hung up on California’s current approach:

If the 2nd wave theory is right, then the schools aren’t opening in the spring either. Further, that means LA County’s stay at home order, which was just extended for 3 months, will roll through until…this time next year?

I’ve been in favor of the staying home, flattening-the-curve stuff until now, but barring a hail mary on a vaccine that’s ready in the fall, you’re telling people stay at home orders are going to be in place for 15 months?

I just don’t see any way that telling people to stay at home for 15 months is going to happen. I just think that defies human nature.


Right, I’m 100% with you Braden. I don’t know if you can extend stay at home orders for that long. But if you can make education work without an additional influx of sometimes 10-30,000+ people to a now densely populated area, you do it. That’s my concern. Densely populated area and college students who have no way of following sanitation/ social distancing guidelines.

Mr Stay Puff

A vaccine will be found by then and mass produced. For [email protected]€{ sake, if we can put a man on the moon back in the 60’s, with some $$$ spent now can come up with a vaccine in the next 6-9 months (which includes testing, etc). Or, maybe the cock roaches win out and we disappear…


What? Your comparisons have nothing in common. Vaccines require proper testing in animals and humans for a certain period of time before letting them inject it into a majority of the population.


What if we inject the astronauts that went to the moon instead of animals

Corn Pop

Musk is supposed t o be sending astronauts to ISS in 1.5 weeks . US has on l y one astronaut up there who replaced the Japanese guy who was supposed to beam down during the Olympics Russia planning only Oct 3 man flight t o replace their crew. Lucky the guy is a SEAL as he could be up a long time.

Corn Pop

Update .NASA just bought a seat on Soyuz on Oct for amount said to be well over the usual $85 million. Seems not cconfide nbt Spacex will manage to get there. Elon also in trouble in Ca over threatening to reopen his factory.

It’s all happening ( or not ) for Elon.

MD swimdad

Engineers got us to the moon. Scientists will study the virus for years and never understand it.

Swim mom

Fauci said today if there is a vaccine, it may not be effective. So no one should be waiting for a vaccine to move on. There is no vaccine for HIV, SARS, but there are treatments. That’s what’s important.


At the end of the extended lockdown, LA and California for that matter will come asking for federal bailouts as a result of these decisions.


Nope. Newsom didn’t wait and asked for money last week, in conjunction with several other governors from states in the west. His aunt responded by putting in a billion dollars for bailing out the states in her bill she proposed to Congress yesterday.

Irish Ringer

I feel for the residents of Southern California as this could have irreparable damage to them financially if it hasn’t already. 33M unemployed in the US and now LA telling people that they need to bunker down for another 90 days seems unfathomable.

C’mon Man

C’mon man. Be rational. Human life should not be gambled with.

I think I am being rational.

I don’t think it’s rational to believe that people will simply stay at home for 15 months.

Or do you not believe that there is a limit to what the human psyche will tolerate?


Not to mention as soon as the stay at home orders are lifted, there WILL be an increase in cases… and, for someone who unfortunately lives in Cali, that probably means panic followed by the stay at home orders being reinstated.


Figuratively it’s Death by covid19 or death by homelessness due to no job, no food, etc…

MD swimdad

Do you drive a car? There is risk in your life. There is plenty of data available if you can get through the media hysteria that you can use to understand the risk of this virus to you. The data shows that over 50% of positive cases are asymptomatic and the number of cases is over 10X the number reported. So the idea of contact tracing cases in the general population is ridiculous. We know enough now to Reopen slowly and adjust as needed. Protect the at risk population aggressively. Let the rest of us make our own decisions.


It’s purely political at this point. It’s a contest among the libs to see who can hold out the longest.


If anyone thinks that this is not political at this point… open your eyes.

He Said What?

Agree 100%


Of course it’s political! Why else would states like CA still be under full stay at home orders while states like TX even have their pools open? Specifically from a swimming standpoint in CA, it’s come down to the political beliefs of certain areas. OC teams are starting to be able to practice (while practicing social distancing, but they are swimming), while LA teams are supposedly out of the water for another three months! SCS has the 30-60-90 plan in place to ensure that all teams in Socal are safely and fairly getting back in the water, but for teams that are starting now, competitions can start being held in just a month! Long story short, I guess the CDC… Read more »


Schools fully opening is separate from extending the stay at home order much longer. The goal of having mostly online classes is to avoid dense environments and large gatherings with poor controls like large classes and dorms. There also isn’t as much of an economic/societal disruption to having college students studying remotely since they generally don’t need parental supervision (like young kids) or are active members of the workforce. In contrast, many jobs can be performed in a more socially restricted fashion which would make contact tracing more feasible, like some other countries are implementing. It’s not a binary choice between reopening or not, but rather gradually resuming work with controls in place and avoiding large gatherings.


You’re erroneously assuming that because universities won’t be open nothing else will be either. Models for flattening the curve allow for periodically lifting the lockdown when the burden on the healthcare system gets low enough and transmission gets more under control. This works for people living and working in their communities; it does not for students living in dorms across the state. You can’t have people moving in to your university and professors start teaching in person only to switch back multiple times over a year and a half. Also, a partial opening of California would look like people returning to work and opening up small business, but still barring large gatherings. A 600 person psych 101 lecture is just… Read more »


Braden, is there a source of data or story anywhere that lists the pool status for each state? I realize that in a couple of weeks the title will be ‘Every single state’s pools are open – except California’, but I’m wondering where each state is now and how long their pools have already been open?

We’ll probably do a summary this weekend. Right now it’s coming in hot and fast.


Thanks Braden, you guys have done a great job delivering the news. Yes, the story is changing every hour. Keep it up, we need reliable information more than ever.

Swim mom

The expectation of reduced tuition is baffling. I understand not paying fees (recreation fees, insurance fees etc) but students will still be educated, get degrees and progress forward. Professors need to be paid.


What’s baffling? I’ll pay a hundred dollars for certain concerts, but doesn’t mean I’ll pay anything at all to watch a replay on YouTube.

I know it’s not a perfect comparison, but it certainly is a different experience to learn online. Your argument reinforces that we’re all just paying money to receive degrees. Probably true to a certain extent. If true, shows serious fundamental errors with our college system

Just because cheap wine gets you drunk doesn’t mean you may premium price for it


Online instruction is a ton of work for the teachers. They still need to get paid, Unless we shutter all the campuses forever, buildings need to be maintained. If we ever expect programs not to get cut… schools need income. Can’t have it both ways. Don’t whine for tuition decreases and cry when swim programs are cut.
You can’t have it both ways


I agree it’s a lot of work. But college students pay for a product, and they’re not going to care how much work it takes to create it. And 99% of Americans would gladly take a tuition decrease if the consequence is cutting non-revenue athletic programs. In my opinion, varsity athletic programs are not the root cause of rising tuition, but unsurprisingly, non-athlete students may see the new 30 million dollar basketball training facility, that facilitates 30 athletes training, and get a little pissed about the 100K+ of student loans they’re racking up. College athletics kind of seem like a system that’s too big to fail, but the bigger concern right now is overall higher education failing. Maybe the system… Read more »


Great time to enroll in a couple community college courses, knock out your gen ed’s, and save 20k.

cynthia curran

The problem with that is governor Newsom is not compensating small business like nail salons or haircut places financially, so business in La will be open up by August. Most companies will be up in running in San Diego or Orange County by the end of June. Both counties got hit less than La. The last companies to comeback are theme parks like Universal studios and Disneyland.

Swimming Fan

Well that’s quick reporting since at least one of the schools hasn’t told its students yet.

Mr Stay Puff

The UC schools will also remain closed, just has not been formally announced yet.


U sure about that? Source please?


actually the UC’s might not. Maybe UCLA will be online but UCDavis is pushing for in person class or at least a hybrid along with some of the other uc’s. they will lose a lot of money if they do go online and if they don’t let student athletes back on campus

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