Caeleb Dressel Crushes 15-16 NAG Record in 100 Free

Bolles 16-year old Caeleb Dressel has broken the National Age Group Record in the men’s 100 free as another one of the glory age group days of the late 80’s/early 90’s goes by the wayside.

Dressel swam a 49.63 in prelims to break the 1990 record set by Cincinnati legend Joe Hudepohl that had been 50.24. This makes Dressel the youngest swimmer in U.S. history to swim into the 40’s in this race, and he’ll still finish out the summer as a  15-16.

His previous personal best was 50.85; that’s a huge drop, but won’t surprise many in the Bolles camp. We spoke with many around that group this week who were all-but-guaranteeing this record, saying that Dressel has been training really strongly.

Though he trains with Bolles, Dressel is one of the rare part of that club program that doesn’t also swim for the High School, as he attends nearby Clay High School. He trains directly under Jason Calanog. With open contact beginning for college coaches on July 1, the senior-to-be has left a brilliant final impression for coaches trying to identify the top targets headed into the fall.

Dressel previously broke Hudepohl’s yards record at Short Course Juniors in December.

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8 years ago

Congratulations to Caeleb and Sergio! Dressel made it look easy and made it to top 8 tonight. Could come down even more.

8 years ago

That would be crazy if he made worlds on a relay. Congrats to him

Reply to  Klorn8d
8 years ago

Why not !!! that would be great . Usa needs desperatly new guys for the 100 free and the 400 free relay

bobo gigi
Reply to  Klorn8d
8 years ago

Don’t expect too much from him in the final. I don’t know if he will be faster tonight. His championships are already successful. It’s a shame he doesn’t swim the 50 free this week. He could have swum around 22.50.

Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago

He’s not swimming the 50!? Why not!?

8 years ago


8 years ago

Give some credit to Jason Calanog, who is actually Calaeb’s coach.

Reply to  schefty
8 years ago

thanks for letting everyone know!

bobo gigi
Reply to  weirdo
8 years ago

Ok. I didn’t know that.

8 years ago

Congrats to the whole team and the coaches . Great school and huge talents in the making .

8 years ago

Amazing! Congrats to Caeleb!

8 years ago

it’s in the dressel genes! caleb’s sister kaitlyn, went 55 this morning! he has a younger sister who’s also exceptional! 3 bolles teenagers break 50, with condorelli and murphy!! WOW!! congrads to the kids and coaches. sergio……..shave!! haha!

8 years ago

Joe Hudepohl is THE Ohio swimming legend. Some thought his LCM record would never be beaten. Nothing is impossible, but It took 23 years to do it. Congrats!

Reply to  PAC12BACKER
8 years ago

Didn’t follow swimming back then [well, only the Olympics] so my Q that I can’t help but wonder is, If Joe Hudepohl was so much better in his day, and he obviously was, with his record lasting 23 years!, what happened to him?
What type of college career did Joe Hudepohl have?
Thanks to anyone who can / will enlighten me.

Reply to  Ray
8 years ago

He swam for Stanford and also competed on the ’92 and ’96 Olympic teams.

Sean Justice
Reply to  Ray
8 years ago

He was top 8 in the 200 free at the 92 Olympics. I think that he finished top 2 at NCAAs over the years at Stanford.

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