CA Police Investigating Embezzlement Accusations Against Bitter

Santa Clara police are investigating allegations of embezzlement leveled at former Santa Clara Swim Club head coach John Bitter, The Mercury News reports.

The Mercury News reports that a board member filed a police report on Saturday, and Santa Clara police immediately began an investigation into the allegations against Bitter. Captain Wahid Kazem said detectives are working to find documentation of the missing money and to corroborate the allegations of embezzlement against Bitter, according to the Mercury News report.

Bitter was terminated after a dozen years as head coach of the club and nine years as CEO. The club’s Board of Directors sent out an e-mail to the team, saying that evidence pointed to at least $600,000 in misappropriated funds. Per our previous reporting:

According to a letter sent out to the team on Saturday, Bitter has been terminated after the board of directors gathered evidence that they say “shows there has been a minimum of $600,000” of misappropriated funds.

Bitter was on the coaching staff at the 2010 USA Swimming Junior Pan Pacific Championships, has twice served on USA Swimming Select Camp staffs. As an athlete, he swam at Wash U in St. Louis and Arizona, where he was a team captain as a senior.

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Everyone afraid to comment because of the person threatening to sue all the commenters in the other John Bitter article. Lol, too funny.


Maybe they aren’t commenting because they have no first hand knowledge of the situation and they are responsible human beings…. oh wait it’s the internet.

West Coast Swammer

Nope….. people out here are talking about it. And by the way, they aren’t the irresponsible ones in this situation. But I am curious to find out if the money was taken from the general fund or was it from all the donations they received to build the new swim center and ISHOF extension that never came to be.


Yeah people would never do that in real life……

Becky D

Ok – since “Anonymous” isn’t here to say it: Disgusting!

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