BSN Sports Swim Team of the Week: Beach Cities Swimming

While meets are largely on hold worldwide right now due to the effects of COVID-19, and many teams are just getting back to practices, we still want to highlight and celebrate swim teams from around the country. This week we’re taking a look at Beach Cities Swimming, a year-round USA Silver Medal Club out of Redondo Beach, California.

Over the last decade, Beach Cities Swimming has grown from roughly 100 swimmers operating out of one pool to nearly 400 swimmers practicing across three different locations (in non-COVID times, at least). During that time, the team has had kids qualify for Olympic Trials and Paralympic Trials, been named a USA Swimming Silver Medal Club, put someone on the National Junior Team, and currently ranks 37th in the country with its age group program.

Head coach Monique Shelton has been with the team for most of the last decade, and spoke with her to get a sense of what makes Beach Cities Swimming special, as well as some of her thoughts on coaching in general.

Shelton sums up her coaching philosophy as, “Coach the total athlete. Teach physical literacy, make them good humans while maintaining our team mission statement: ‘Building World Class Character Through Excellence in Swimming.'”

Shelton and the rest of the coaching staff help swimmers develop that character through an approach that really helps to build a cohesive team chemistry. We want every tide to raise the boat.  When your teammates struggle, you help them up. Work hard culture. Believe in each other.

One of our favorite questions is asking coaches about their team’s “iconic” set, and for Beach Cities Swimming, their favorite team set comes with an iconic name: Chuck Norris.

“Chuck Norris” and all versions of that set, such as “Up Chuck” and “Chucked up”.  Chuck is below, but can be boosted to 75’s / 100’s  etc
16×50 @ :45 every 4th is 200 goal pace
12×50 @ :55 every 3rd is 200 goal pace
8×50 @ 1:05 every other is 200 goal pace
4×50 @ 1:15 goal 200 pace

We asked Shelton to reflect on her biggest struggle on a coach, and her response is one that many coaches across the country can relate to.

WATER TIME.  Getting every kid that wants to be on our team, on our team is impossible.  We are restricted by space (Now more than ever), but as a general rule, we don’t have the time and space to accommodate everyone who is interested, unfortunately leaving lots of talent on the bench. Owning and/or controlling the facilities we train in would be a game changer.

Shelton’s been on deck for years, and in that time she’s collected plenty of great memories.

Dang, there are so many. Competitively, Alex Crisera winning the 100 Back at Juniors by 1/100th and making the National Junior Team. Sentimentally, the weddings, baptisms & graduations that former swimmers want you to be part of after they have left the ranks of your club

Beach Cities Swimming is one of 3,000 swim clubs in the United States.  How can we grow that number and promote the sport? 


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Monique Shelton
2 years ago

Thank you SwimSwam for the recognition.
This Team, the Staff, Board of Directors and Army of volunteers made this team a success and continues to do so.
See you on deck!

Reply to  Monique Shelton
2 years ago

Coach congrats on being Team of the Week!