Brush Up on Your Swimming Trivia with This Word Find

by Elizabeth Levy 1

May 26th, 2020 Lifestyle, News

Are you in need of a new pastime while in confinement? Then try testing your swimming knowledge with this word find, submitted to us by Fayth Doherty:

The clues will challenge your knowledge of significant events in swimming history. But you will also have a chance to test yourself on the most recent events in the swimming world.

You can try this fun activity solo or with a friend, but see how much you can get done without using the internet. You could surprise yourself!

If you have completed the word find and want to keep testing yourself with some swimming trivia, here are a few other activities you can try:

Feel free to let us know how you do in the comments.


Fayth is an avid swim fan and swim nerd from Auckland, New Zealand. She is currently working as a swim instructor and studying English and Exercise science. She started swimming at a young age, but was forced to stop after sustaining a shoulder injury. Now she swims for fun and fitness.



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Sarah Sandler
2 years ago

WOW – loved this one – nice job.