Bronte Campbell Holding Body Together Until Gold Coast 2018

by Retta Race 19

December 02nd, 2017 Australia, International, News

Aussie speedster Bronte Campbell raced her way through several stops of the FINA World Cup that just concluded last month, but it’s clear the 23-year-old Olympian is physically hurting. Twice a world champion back in 2015, ‘C2’, as the younger Campbell sister is often called, finished off the podium in her signature 50m and 100m freestyle events at the 2016 Olympic Games, while also settling for 8th and 7th respective places in Budapest.

However, the ailing athlete is doing her best to simply hold on to qualify for and then compete at the 2018 Commonwealth Games slated for the Gold Coast in her home state.

“I have to get everything back to normal, so I’m going to Comm Games and then I’m having a big break and just doing rehab for maybe two or three months to try to get right,’’ Campbell told The Australian this week. In addition to her ongoing left shoulder, right shoulder and right hip injuries, C2 now said the traveling and sitting during the World Cups is now affecting her back.

“I’m slowly falling apart, but we’re working hard to put it all back together and hopefully we’ll be right for Comm Games. I think that I can get through to there.’’

Campbell said she was hoping to just fight through the pain and injuries through Tokyo 2020, but her body is telling her otherwise.

“I was hoping I could just keep going and battle through (to the Tokyo Olympics) but that’s not going to happen.’’

The Commonwealth Games Trials for Australian swimming is scheduled for February 28th-March 3rd, while the Games will take place April 4th-15th, 2018.


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Ex Quaker



Just the latest Australian sprinter to suffer injury. Eamon Sullivan, James Magnussen, now Ms. Campbell. These swimmers are/were too great and too young to suffer like that. Coaches need to rethink their approach.


Add big sister to that equation. Was out from 2009 to end 2011 with hip issues and had shoulder surgery late 2014. Coaching and biomechanics DO, I suspect, have something to do with it but Sullivan & the Campbells are both comparatively lightly built for their events.


if I had to hazard a guess I would say the Australian coaches push too much anaerobic/power work on their promising sprinters at a young age. Their bodies aren’t prepared to handle it and break down. They must rethink this.


Weak body, weak mind. Runs in the family. Destined for dissapointment. Something needs to change in that house.


No. Bronte has outperformed her talent by a long way. She was never ‘another Care’ – she fought to get every ounce of ability out. On raw ability, she is not entitled to be a 100fr World Champion in this era. But, she is… If you call that weak-mindedness, I’d love to know what a strong mind looks like.


100% agree, Dee. The charge of mental fragility can most certainly be laid against C1 but C2 is a very different creature. Whilst medallist quality at her best at 100, she lacks the WR breaking potential of her older sister but her performances both in Rio and Budapest were no mental collapses but rather the maximum she could drag out of an injury compromised body.

Her wisdom in continuing to train and compete under these circumstances is most certainly open to question but not her mental toughness or character. Those are two very different characteristics.


Weak? Bronte is the definition of pushing her physical body to the limits. She doesn’t have the physical gifts of Manuel, Sjostrom or her sister. And yet she became 100m world champion. And she broke her body to do it

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