Broken Mile Ladder Up Swim Workout

Courtesy of FINIS and  triathlon blogger Jill Kuhn.  Follow her on Instagram @IronWillIronJill.

Being a triathlete, FINIS products are a very important part of my training. I use the Edge fins, Axis dual-function pull buoy, Alignment Kickboard, and Agility paddles regularly in my training. I have recently started using the Tempo Trainer Pro. This has been an important tool in helping improve my stroke rate and pace. I also really love my Duo MP3 player! Nothing like jamming out and swimming fast! The Duo is especially fun when I have a long training swim in preparation for my first Ironman 140.6.

Two of my favorite workouts given to me by my coach Gena Alvarez are: Broken Mile as Drills and Ladder Up.

Broken Mile as Drills: (All on 10 seconds rest)

11 x 25: Kick with Edge fins

10 x 25: Catch-up drill using Alignment Kickboard

9 x 25: Fingertip drag drill

8 x 25: Straight arm/windmill

7 x 25: Pull with Axis dual-function pull buoy around my ankles

6 x 25: Alternating kicking on your side with one arm extended (R side down, L side back)

5 x 25: Dolphin kick on back with Edge fins

4 x 25: Zipper drill

3 x 25: Breathing every 3 strokes

2 x 25: Breathing every 5 strokes

1 x 25: 1 total breathe

Why? This set starts easy and increases in difficulty as the set goes on. It starts with lots of drilling and kicking, and ends with you putting the entire stroke together.

Ladder Up

300 @ 1.6 second pace using Tempo Trainer Pro (10 seconds rest)

400 @ 1.5 second pace using Tempo Trainer Pro (20 seconds rest)

500 @ 1.4 second pace using Tempo Trainer Pro (30 seconds rest)

600 @ 1.3 second pace using Tempo Trainer Pro (40 seconds rest)

Why? This set forces you to increase your stroke tempo as you increase the amount of yards/meters you swim. This will help you to increase your speed endurance for those long swims.

Swim training is courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam partner. 

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I have a swimmer with down syndrome does anyone have some ideas on how to coach her??

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