Pinheiros Seals Up Team Win at 2018 Brazil Trophy – Day 5

2018 Brazil TROPHY (Maria Lenk)

  • Tuesday, April 17th – Saturday, April 21st
  • Maria Lenk Aquatic Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Prelims: 9:30 AM Rio time / 8:30 AM EST
  • Finals: 6:00 PM Rio time / 5:00 PM EST
  • Long Course (50m)
  • Brazilian Selection Meet for 2018 Pan Pacific Championships
  • Live Stream
  • Psych Sheet
  • Meet Central / Results

The fifth and final night of the 2018 Brazil Trophy, formerly known as the Maria Lenk Trophy, featured finals for the men’s and women’s 200 breast, 50 free, and 400 medley relay, as well as the women’s 800 free and men’s 1500.

Unisanta’s Julia Sebastian kicked off the night with a meet record in the 200 breast, winning in 2:27.29. Pinheiro’s Pamela Souza took second in 2:28.23, followed by Minas’ Macarena Ceballos in 2:28.36. Pinheiros’ Caio Pumputis won the men’s race in 2:11.78 (a 2+ second drop), followed by SESI-SP’s Raphael Rodrigues in 2:14.46. Evandro Silva (Minas) took third in 2:14.76.

Lorrane Ferreira (Pinheiros) won the women’s 50 free in 24.95. Her teammate Larissa Oliveira followed in 24.96 (first time under :25), and Graciele Herrmann (GNU) was third in 25.42. Minas’ Bruno Fratus topped the men’s race in 21.35, followed by Pinheiros’ Pedro Spajari in 21.82. Out of lane 2, Cesar Cielo took third in 22.01. This was Fratus’ 52nd time under :22, tying Cielo (read about his 3-breath prelims swim here).

Viviane Jungblut topped the women’s 800 free in 8:39.58, followed by Delfina Dini (Argentine) in 8:43.31, and Ana Marcela Cunha in 8:45.69.

Guilherme Costa (Pinheiros), who set a new South American record in the 800 earlier in the meet, won the men’s 1500 in 15:03.79 — a new meet record. Minas’ Miguel Valente took second in 15:11.57, followed by teammate Diogo Villarinho in 15:14.13.

In the women’s 400 medley relay, Pinheiros took gold in 4:04.83. Minas took silver in 4:06.55. Unisanta took bronze in 4:10.01. Minas won the men’s race in 3:33.39, a new meet record. Pinheiros was second in 3:334.00, and Unisanta third in 3:39.56. While the race started off extremely close, but on the fly leg, Minas’ Vini Lanza split 51-flat over 53.10 from Pinheiros’ Iago Amaral.

Team Scores

Pinheiros held on to its lead for the overall win on the final day of competition. Note that Minas got an addition 10 points for its relay meet record, South American record (80 points instead of the usual 70), and Guilherme Costa got an addition ten for his meet record as well. After day three, Pinheiros led the point-scoring with 2,042, followed by Minas with 1,717 and Unisanta with 912.

Final Scores – Top 3 Teams

  1. Pinheiros 2,565
  2. Minas 2,220
  3. Unisanta 1,237


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Coach MM
5 years ago

Swimswam, not the best headline if you want people to read. They can careless about the team that won the brazilian championships. They want to hear: “Fratus go 21.3, Cielo gets 3rd”…

bobo gigi
Reply to  Coach MM
5 years ago

21.35 is so common now!
Dressel will go 20.50 next summer! 😆

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

Yeah VERY COMMON, there are like 3 guys in the entire world that can swim a 21”3…

Reply to  Observer
5 years ago

4 if you count Manaudou, but…

Handball ?

Dressel will break 20 long course
Reply to  Observer
5 years ago

Who else can go 21.3 besides Dressel and Fratus?

Dressel will break 20 long course
Reply to  Observer
5 years ago

Nevermind, just remembered Proud.


Cielo on the prime
Adrian did once too right?

Reply to  Rafael
5 years ago

If I remember right, Adrian’s best was a 21.42 from 2015 worlds.

Don’t think people really care about the rubber times like Bousquets, although Cielo did go 21.3 in textile*. Even Ashley Callus went 21.19 in the rubber suits.

Reply to  Teddy
5 years ago

I was wrong, Adrian went 21.37 in semis at worlds 2015

Reply to  Teddy
5 years ago

Bousquet was textile wr holder with 21,36 before Cielo went 21,32

Reply to  Rafael
5 years ago

My bad again. Yeesh

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