Brazil Announces Rosters for 2019 World Champs and Pan American Games


Now that the Brazil Trophy meet is officially done, Brazil has announced rosters for this summer’s big meets — the World Championships in Gwangju and the Pan American Games in Lima.

A total of 20 athletes will compete at Worlds and 35 at Pan American Games. Unlike countries like the United States, which uses totally separate rosters for Worlds and the Pan American Games (with occasional exceptions for relay-only swimmers), it appears that all of the swimmers on the roster for Brazil for Worlds are also on the roster for the Pan American Games. There will be a pretty short turnaround for these athletes, as the swimming competition in South Korea end July 28th, and swimming in Peru begins August 2nd for open water and the 4th for pool events.

Notably absent from the roster is 39-year old Nicholas Santos. The World Record holder in the short course meters 50 butterfly, who is swimming his best times in the event well past the age that most swimmers peak at, swam a 22.77 at the Brazil Championships, which ranks him 2nd in the world so far this season. Brazil did not, however, use 50 meter stroke races as selection events for Worlds.

One additional note – while CBDA seems to have stuck with its decision limiting World Championships coaches to Brazilian nationals who coach in Brazil, former Auburn coach Brett Hawke was named to the Pan American Games staff.

World Championships



  • Paul Augusto – Corinthians
  • Fernando Vanzella – Sesi-SP
  • André Ferreira – Pinheiros
  • Sérgio Marques – Mines Tennis Club
  • Tiago Moreno – Pinheiros

Pan-American Games




  • Paul Augusto – Corinthians
  • Fernando Vanzella – Sesi-SP
  • André – Pinheiros
  • Sérgio Marques – Mines Tennis Club
  • Brett Hawke – Mines Tennis Club

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Troféu Shuffle
3 years ago

Camila Lins Melo is also on the women’s team for Pan American Games.

Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

Brett Hawke makes an appearance.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

He is Fratus’ coach

Coach MM
3 years ago

What a shame, they are not taking Nicholas dos Santos.
The 39 year-old recently broke the world record in short course meters. Last weekend he won nationals with 22.77 beating everyone by over half a body length.
Very sad….

Reply to  Coach MM
3 years ago

Only 50 free inside this list so maybe he will be there.

Reply to  Coach MM
3 years ago

Agree that they should have taken Santos, but a few other countries also ignore the 50’s for strokes as a selection event, ex. Great Britain.

3 years ago

Guilherme Costa will probably swim the 800m also on World, as he have the B Cut.. He had stomachache almost missed trials
Same for De Deus who had a Disk Hernia in Feburary and it inflamed (don´t know if this is the right word) on Trials week.. but he can´t swim the 200 fly unless Altamir drops it as both only have a B Cut on this event

Daeleb Cressel
3 years ago

What is 200m chest?

JP input is too short
Reply to  Daeleb Cressel
3 years ago

I always enjoy when a Google Translate artifact gets through these articles. That’s breaststroke.

My favorite though was the other day in the French National roundup Maxime Grousset made it through as “Maxime the Great” or some such.

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