Blueseventy Planning Ahead with nero14

This release was provided by Blueseventy, a swimswam partner.

Nero14, the latest technical racesuit from blueseventy, is set to dive into pools around the world from 1 January. Serving as the next generation suit to evolve from the experience of racing in finals in London last summer, nero14 has been body-fit tested by top swimmers, is made from seamless construction and is exceptionally compressive to reduce hydrodynamic drag and support muscular function.

Blueseventy is the brand that revolutionalised technical swimwear in 2007 with the introduction of technology learned from twenty years experience in open water. It now has market-leading textile suits which are chosen by swimmers all around the world, including Olympians, for their fit and performance.

Tim Moxey, blueseventy CEO said:

nero14 kneeskin (Courtesy of blueseventy)

nero14 kneeskin (Courtesy of blueseventy)

“What we’ve done with nero14 is listen to feedback from the swimmers who wear our suits and move forward our understanding of fit and performance. What we had with the full body suit in 2008 was a suit that fitted perfectly and performed exceptionally, we all remember records tumbling virtually every time a swimmer dived into the pool. When we first developed and tested it the results were almost unbelievable. The fact we’re not seeing those sorts of drops with textiles almost gives us more drive to refine and improve the tiny details.”

The nero14 is the next generation suit to evolve from the popular neroXII. The fit has been improved and the welded seam technology has been updated. The suit made from welded seam construction, with no stitching except to provide extra strength to the back of the women’s kneeskin straps.

Blueseventy was born in New Zealand over twenty years ago out of a passion for swimming in some of the most idyllic waters in the world. The ideal was to provide wetsuits that allowed swimmers to enjoy the freedom of the water without feeling constrained by their environment or the suits they needed to wear to enjoy them.

Moxey added: “Our design philosophy for both open water and the pool is to develop suits that athletes feel good in. That obviously has a psychological impact but it’s really about enhancing all the elements that make a swimmer great, like hip lift, steamlining and stroke length.”

He added: “We’re lucky to work with some great athletes that are really invested in our brand and they are the people that have driven the evolution of nero14 and are the people that will demand even more in the run up to Rio.”

Welsh backstroker, Georgia Davies, tests the first prototype of the suit, nero14, at the Welsh National Pool in Swansea (Courtesy of blueseventy)

Welsh backstroker, Georgia Davies, tests the first prototype of the suit, nero14, at the Welsh National Pool in Swansea (Courtesy of blueseventy)

Among the swimmers who tested the nero14 was World Championship finalist and team blueseventy athlete Georgia Davies. After swimming in the suit for the first time she said:

“The compression on the legs feels amazing, but I don’t feel at all restricted when I’m swimming. I used to wear the neroTX when I race, but there is no denying that the nero14 is much faster and technical suit.”

This summer blueseventy bought out the greatly anticipated new neroTX coloured suits, which has seen swimmers swimming brighter as well as faster. As a lighter weight suit, some swimmers prefer the TX to the highly compressive nero14, but with two great suits catering for a slightly different shape of athlete, blueseventy intends to help swimmers swim faster in 2013 and beyond.

Blueseventy nero14 will be available globally, visit to find a stockist in your area.

Follow blueseventy on Twitter here.

nero_14_log (Courtesy of blueseventy)







This release was provided by blueseventy, a swimswam partner.

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7 years ago

Sadly I post this review as have been a true advocate of Blueseventy in the past. I have purchased 4 Nero 14 suits and after having one fail after only 5 swims have deemed this suit not cost effective. 5 swims for a $375 suit equates to $75 per swim – too expensive for my pocketbook.
With the crutch adhesive giving way the suit is unusable. Of course I contacted Blueseventy to determine if this was a manufacturing fault – the answer returned – no! As pointed out to me by Blueseventy and hidden deep down in their website you will find that this suit has a life span of only 3 months.
Caring for this suit as… Read more »

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