Blue Valley High Schooler Almost Drowns At Practice

On December 18th, local Kansas City media reported that a freshman on the Blue Valley High School swim team had been pulled from the pool mid-practice and taken to an area hospital.  Details concerning the incident involved with the unresponsive swimmer were not known early on.

Now several days after the incident, the situation concerning the 14-year-old freshman accident is still under wraps, but reports are that Blue Valley high school swimming coach, Adam Bien, appears to have saved the swimmer’s life. After showing ‘signs of distress’ at practice, the still-unnamed youth was pulled from the school’s pool and was administered CPR before ultimately being transported to a local medical facility.

The student-athlete remains in serious condition in the hospital, however, he is reportedly talking and is responsive at this time.

Says Blue Valley spokeswoman Kristi McNerlin, “When he left he was talking and he was moving his arms, so that’s really good news. As you can imagine, when you have a team, they’re very close. They’re like a family, so of course there’s concern. Any time one of their teammates is injured in that way, their thoughts are with their teammate.”

Authorities are still investigating the actual cause of the near-drowning incident.

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GA Mom

Hope he feels much better and can get home soon. Good job to those who have helped him.


Out of curiosity, is the “GA” in your name “GA MOM”, referring to Germantown Academy?

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