Bizarre Occurrence Highlights Hawaiian Age Group Championships

A bizarre occurrence highlighted the heat sheet at the 2015 Hawaiian Age Group Championships on the fourth day of competition as three different sets of siblings swam in the same lanes one heat apart.

On the last event on day four, the 400m freestyle, heat one featured three separate females and heat two featured three separate males. Each female swimming had a brother that swim in the following heat, in the exact same lane.

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In heat one Lena Hayakawa took lane four, Nohea Lileikis took lane five, and Maia Petrides took lane six.

One heat later Allen Hayakawa took lane four, Aukai Lileikis took lane five, and Michael Petrides took lane six.

Spoiling the picture perfect moment was the fact that the three boys in the second heat didn’t finish in the exact same order as their sisters in the first heat.

In heat one, Nohea Lileikis touched first in 4:30.16. Lena Hayakawa finished second in 4:33.53, and Maia Petrides finished third in 4:34.23. Amazingly, because of their varying ages they each won their respective age group.

As for the boys, touching first was Nohea Lileikis in 4:05.47 followed by Petrides and Hayakawa in 4:20.74 and 4:21.90 respectively. Both Lileikis and Petrides won their respective age groups, and Hayakawa finished second in the boys 15-16 category.



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Swimmer A
5 years ago

Nice haha. That’s oddly satisfying. I remember like last summer or two summers ago all three Litherland triplets swam the 4 IM at junior nationals. Mic won the C final, Kevin won the B final, and then Jay had pulled the top seed coming out of prelims, but got beaten by gunner bentz. It was the goofiest thing, cause I’d never heard of them before. I was just sitting there watching the live feed going, hey that kid had the same last name as the other finals winner. And what, there’s another one in the A final… mind blown

Hulk Swim
Reply to  Swimmer A
5 years ago

I first saw the Litherlands at OT in 2012. I saw two of them walk by and thought… cool, twins… then 10 feet was the third… and after a quadruple take… my mind was blown.

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