Articles by Shawn Klosterman

Pool Record for Kalnins as Mo State Handles Evansville

Uvis Kalnins broke the Hammons Student Center Record in the 100 breaststroke as the Bears mauled conference rival Evansville.

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D3 Emory Eagles Host Penn State, Show Strengths Despite Tough Losses

The Emory Eagles hosted Penn State for their season opener, earning NCAA Division 3 “B” cuts despite being dominated in team scoring.

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Georgia Tech Men and Penn State Women Dominate Pink Night Tri

Georgia Tech coach Courtney Hart led her men’s team to a season-opening win over a Big Ten opponent on Friday in Atlanta.

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Rock Bridge Upsets Defending State Champs at Missouri’s COMO HS Invite

The University of Missouri claims to have the “fastest water in the state” at the Mizzou Aquatic Center; a boast…

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THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 7: How Do I Get Started on the LCHF Diet?

This week, the Swim Viking dives into the specifics of how to put a low-carb, high-fat diet into action.



In part 6, the Viking forays into training styles and tackles the ever-popular and ever-contentious Ultra-Short Race Pace Training, or USRPT.


THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 5: Muscle Fiber Types, Recruitment and Specificity

This week, the Viking tackles the different types of fast-twitch muscle fibers and more.


Missouri State’s Depth Pulls Them Ahead on Day 3 of the Missouri Valley Championship

The Missouri State women opened up nearly a 100-point lead on day 3 of the 2015 Missouri Valley Championships.

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Favored Missouri State Women Hold Narrow 2-Point Lead on Day 1 of 2015 MVC Championships

Watch the meet live here. Meet Results available on Meet Mobile The Missouri State Lady Bears are the favorite to…

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THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 4: LCHF and Energy Metabolism Within the Muscle

In part 4, the Viking looks to show that the implications for adaptation to the low-carb, high-fat diet go beyond long-distance swimming at low intensity levels.


THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 3: LCHF and Aerobic Capacity

In part 3, the Viking talks about how a low-carb, high-fat LCHF diet matters to you, the swimmer or swim coach.


THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 2: Energy Systems and Swim Training 101

The Viking covers the three energy systems that contribute to the different intensities of athletic movement and how those relate to swim training.


THE VIKING MANIFESTO Part 1: The New Science of Healthy Eating

The Screaming Viking begins a series on nutrition in the sport of swimming with some new takes on the traditional wisdom of swimming nutrition plans.