Articles by Chris DeSantis

DeSantis: The Departure of Shannon Rollason and a Steaming Pile of Egalitarianism

Coming off a dominant performance in Berlin, Denmark emerged as legitimate gold medal threats in any worldwide 400 medley relay. When will we say that again?


A View From the Inside: Desantis Thinks After Danish Short Course Nationals

There is lots of attention in Europe focused on Denmark right now. Chris DeSantis looks at how they’re handling it.


What’s Going On In Age Group Swimming

There is a generation of teenage stars, particularly male, in American swimming right now of the likes we have never seen before. (Photo of Chris DeSantis, author, Credit: Tim Binning, TheSwimPictures)


Just the Beginning: Why This Year’s Amazing Performances Will Soon Be Average

Chris DeSantis looks into swimming’s crystal ball to see how this past weekend’s performances might stack up in a few years. (Photo Courtesy © Tim Binning/


Coaching for Dummies: Qualifying a Swimmer for the NCAA Championship

This is what someone looks like when they drop .6 in their 100 fly in what was quite possibly the last race of their collegiate career and go a time that is fast enough to qualify for NCAAs. (Photo Courtesy © Elliott Brockelbank)


Sanity Reigns at Cal-Stanford and Other Stories from College Swimming

Chris DeSantis tells us why it’s better that there were no jaw dropping times at the Cal/Stanford men’s meet. (Photo Courtesy © Tim Binning,


No Matter What Comes, Michigan’s Season is a Success

Chris DeSantis tells you why Mike Bottom and the Michigan Men have already proved their moving in the right direction. (Swim Pic Courtesy © Tim Binning,


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