Australian Olympians Will Reveal Pre-Olympic Rampage to Channel 7 Tomorrow

Sources inside Australia’s highest levels of swimming have reported, and confirmed, to SwimSwam this morning that a group of Australia’s most well-known male swimmers will go on Australian television tomorrow and admit to an excruciating pre-Olympic story that might explain the team’s overall lack of success.

Our sources tell us that the swimmers will reveal that a week before the Olympics, in the staging camp in Manchester, the swimmers took a cocktail of stilnox and caffeinated drinks like Red Bull and Coca Cola, which set them into a “rampage.” They then ran the halls of the Manchester camp, terrifying their teammates, all with the knowledge of their coaches.

We have been unable to independently confirm the names of the athletes involved, so that crucial piece of the puzzle may have to wait until the televised announcement.

It has already been widely reported that Australian athletes were abusing stilnox, which is a prescription sleep-aid sold in the United States under the name ambien to treat insomnia. While the stilnox would have the effect of encouraging sleep, the heavily-caffeinated red bull forces wakefulness, which can lead to erratic judgments and even hallucinations.

This report follows the recent release of the Bluestone Review, which called Swimming Australia’s elite levels “culturally toxic“.

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Anyone else having visions of this, except without attempted murder?

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