Australia Explores Possible 2028 Olympic Games Bid

As if beginning to plan for the 2024 Olympics wasn’t into the future enough for the world to ponder, the Australian Olympic Committee is supporting an initiative to scout out a possible 2028 Olympic bid by Southeast Queensland.

The bid under consideration is that of a regional scope, with events taking place in the capital, Brisbane, which is the third-largest city in Australia, as well as  on the Gold Coast, which will host the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Per the International Olympic Committee’s Agenda 2020, bids can now be proposed on a regional basis and not just via singular city in the hopes of containing a host’s financial burden.

In fact, Olympic Committee President, Thomas Bach, told The Weekend Australian this week, that “three Australian cities already had sufficient infrastructure in place to each host a cost-efficient Games.”, continuing that,  “It is up to the politicians but the cities don’t have to start from scratch. It is not complicated to put the project together. It might be more complicated to choose the city than to put the project together.”

Bach further commented that the Australians “love their athletes and the Olympic candidature is a great boost to the athletes for their support.”

Australia as a country has experience in hosting the world’s largest competitive event, having hosted in Sydney and Melbourne in 2000 and 1956, respectively. According to NBC Olympics, Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates commented to the area’s mayors that “We look forward to working with you on this project of national and international significance.”

The 2028 host most likely will not be chosen until 2021.


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7 years ago

Fat chance.

2028 Olympics is between a US or European city, depending on which wins it first in 2024.

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

Not necessarily. If it truly did operate on a “rota system” then I would readily accede to you view but it doesn’t. Europe certainly SHOULD be in-line for hosting duties by then but the austerity regimes currently in place in most Western European states, and the scope of IOC demands, has most likely narrowed that field to 1-2 countries where it would be viable. Moreover, one has to look at the popularity of the level of infrastructure expenditure that would be involved when social expenditure is being cut !

The record of recent US Olympic hostings (Salt Lake City 2002, Atlanta 1996 & even LA 1984) have not been to universal “rave reviews”. Chicago nominated in recent years but lost.… Read more »

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