Aussies Reportedly Face ‘Soupy-Looking’ Water In Rio Warm-up Pool

A segment of the 37-strong Australian Olympic swimming contingent encountered slight difficulties while warming up at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium today in Rio.

Star swimmers Mitch Larkin, Emma McKeon and Grant Irvine, who train under Australian Coach Michael Bohl at St. Peters Western, were warming up at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium warm-up pool today when the athletes described the outdoor venue’s water as turning ‘cloudy’ and ‘soupy-looking.’

Wanting to avoid causing his athletes to acquire ‘eye or ear or nose infections or anything’, Bohl told The Herald Sun he moved his athletes from the warm-up pool to the main area as a precaution.

Bohl is quoted as saying that the water quality issue was an abnormality, saying, “It’s just today for some reason.”

He told The Herald Sun, “It started out nice that pool but for some reason as the afternoon wore on the water just got really soupy looking.”

“I’ve already asked a lady then and she said they’re aware of it and they’re working on it.”

In early May we reported how the outdoor warm-up pool was battling a mosquito infestation, but that a pool cover and air conditioning were installed at the beginning of July.

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Aussie team seems to be a bit fragile overall…stop complaining.


Agree, weak minded and easily rattled.


USA woulda either 1. dealt with it, 2. fixed it quickly, or 3. not bitched about it. Quit with the whining Aussies. Stop trying to give yourselves easy outs for when you suck this week.


They cover it with oil to prevent mosquito infestation


Not for swimming pools, they wouldn’t. You use a pool cover. Putting those mosquito donuts around the pool helps repel them. Many states have ordinances against using oil (petroleum based) if the water has any chance of getting into the environment. Vegetable oil can become rancid in the water.

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