Athlete Approved Will be Removing Cap Logos in Omaha

The masterminds behind the Pro Duel Meet 1 that swept through the swimming community is back with a new venture: Athlete Approved.

This company was created by Club Wolverine pro Bobby Savulich and his coach Mike Bottom as an effort to support Olympic athletes and the sport they love.

“Mike Bottom and I created this company to support Olympic Hopefuls. Basically, we endorse the products we actually use everyday as elite athletes,” Savulich said of the model. “We are focused in the swimming community. It is unique because it is run by athletes still competing and up on all the latest swimming ideas, techniques, and products.”

Their first endeavor will be at this week’s Olympic Trials, where the pair has devised a technique for removing logos from caps that is much more elegant than simply using a marker to color in logos. The need stems from the IOC (and by extension USOC) ruling that no sponsor logos could be worn on caps aside from a small manufacturer’s mark just above the athletes’ ears.

This will be huge for competitors at the meet who have been struggling with how to continue wearing the caps with which they are comfortable, but not violate the USOC rules.

The service will be done for only $15 (roughly the cost of buying a new cap anyway) and will not interfere with the cap’s integrity.

To have your logo removed, you can contact Athlete Approved at 734-707-8344.

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10 years ago

A big thanks to Athlete Approved and their solution to our cap problem. Had my caps done and they look flawless. A must for any swimmer at Omaha this week. Thanks again!

s gomez
10 years ago

haha i thought a joke at first like the speed stache. i thought the video would show them turning a cap inside out, like we make our senior group do if they don’t have a team cap on full team practices (ie everything but taper and post taper) but hey, this awesome thats its real!

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