arena Unvelis The New Fireflow Collection: Flow Like Water. Fueled By Fire.

Designed in collaboration with Elite Team, FIREFLOW 2024 is the first collection where athletes actively participated in the creation process of the product.

Thanks to the personal contribution of Olympic and world champions, arena has created a collection that draws inspiration from a specific mental state of balance, the meeting point between absolute calm and the fire lit by passion.

In anticipation of the year’s most important event, arena supports the swimmers who will be the protagonists of the summer drawing this magical feeling that every swimmer has experienced in their mind and heart before diving at least once, on their swimsuits.


It’s the fire burning inside, pushing the body to endure intense training and overcome obstacles and difficult moments, finding strength in our most instinctive and competitive side.


It’s a sensation of maximum concentration that almost allows one to stop thinking, trusting oneself until feeling the rhythm of one’s body and letting the water carry us.

Crafted in partnership with world-renowned Olympians and champions, the FIREFLOW 2024 collection features a range of elite competition race suits, including the brand’s most advanced technical racing suit ever engineered – the Powerskin Primo, and the well-known Carbon Series suits – Powerskin Carbon Glide and Carbon Air2. Additionally, the collection extends beyond competition and technical racing gear to include training swimwear, accessories, and sportswear, reflecting the holistic lifestyle – in and out of the pool – embraced by champions worldwide.


“We’ve seen that athletes have unique ways of mentally preparing for a race,” said Mark Pinger, U.S. General Manager, arena.

“Some prefer to get pumped up by listening to up-tempo music, embodying the energy and passion of FIRE. Others find strength in tranquility, calming their minds through deep breathing or meditation. This represents the FLOW state. These diverse mental preparation styles inspired the creation of the FIREFLOW collection.”

The FIRE represents the competitive spirit, passion, dedication, and perseverance of athletes, the driving force that pushes them to give their best. It signifies the inner flame that fuels intense training sessions and propels swimmers to strive for excellence. Complementing the FIRE, the FLOW aspect represents a state of focused concentration and technical mastery – the mental state reached through a heightened level self-awareness and control over one’s mind-body interaction.

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Courtesy of arena, a SwimSwam partner

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26 days ago

That’ll be $1000, please.

Steve Nolan
26 days ago

Always in favor of not-boring looking suits hell ya.

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