Amid Rising Costs, Paris 2024 To Consider Temporary Aquatics Venue

by Retta Race 22

April 26th, 2018 Europe, International, News

In an effort to combat rising costs associated with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games preparations, organizers are reportedly now considering the option of a temporary aquatic venue as opposed to the permanent structure originally included in the bid’s plans.

Paris 2024 initially proposed a new aquatic facility be built in the Saint-Denis suburb, approximately 6 miles north of the centre of Paris and close to the existing Stade de France that would serve as the Olympic Stadium. The proposed aquatic facility would host 15,000 spectators during the Games, which would be reduced to 2,500 afterwards, and have two 50m swimming pools, plus 2 additional pools for diving. Unlike the aquatic center used in Rio, this newly built site would be a permanent facility, leaving a legacy to the community and French swimming federation after hosting the Olympic swimming, synchronized swimming and diving events in 2024.

However, with costs of the permanent structure now approaching an estimated $137.5 million/€113 million (in 2024 dollars) and expected only to rise, Le Parisien is reporting that ‘it seems possible that the emergence of a temporary option’ is now on the table. Decisions will become more clear in June when venue expenditures across the entire Paris 2024 campaign will be reviewed. (Inside the Games)

Organizers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid suffered a similar close call with possibly having to switch from a newly built facility, when a cost-saving panel recommended the committee consider utilizing the existing Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center as its primary aquatic venue. Despite the Tokyo 2020 costs surpassing the estimate by over two times even as of last year, swimming will see a brand new facility in the form of the Olympic Aquatics Centre 2 years from now.

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Bon Jovi



bait and switch

Joel Lin


This exhibits why the IOC needs to commit to a circuit if qualified cities to rotate the games. LA, London, Beijing, Sydney…fill in maybe 3-4 more. And that’s it. The hit-and-run deals to auction the Ganes off every time for money era needs to close out for the IOC.


Since 2020, ’24, and ’28, are already awarded, the earliest this could happen would be 2032. Start the rotation with Sydney, then go to Beijing, London, LA…, we’re talking about Olympics out to 2044. That’s a long time out… Sydney would have to retrofit all of their venues, since those have all been down-sized for long-term occupancy. Same thing with probably all of those places. I agree with you, though. A rotation, get the IOC to chip in/completely fund venue and infrastructure updates, and we’re set. Maybe even settle on Athens, permanently. For the cost of renovating all those cities and venues, or mucking through the corruption in Athens, maybe a PERMANENT new site could be built. Maybe at Olympia,… Read more »


In Greece? Are you nuts? There are so many other sites that are much more stable and financially sound. BTW, I don’t have a problem with temporary pools, the US used them for all the last four Olympic trials in Omaha and Long Beach.

They worked out quite well.

Joel Lin

Ask any Olympic Trials swimmer from the recent few cycles & the constant feedback I hear is Omaha is terrific, unique & exciting as a venue overall. The temp pools; however, get almost exclusively negative reviews.

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