Americans Win 7 of 8 Golds; Shayna Jack Breaks Through for Aussies (MEDALS TABLE)

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The Americans, for the second-straight day, won 7 out of 8 gold medals on the second day of competition in Maui, Hawaii at the 2014 Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. That puts them well ahead of the 9 gold medal pace that they had after two days at the last edition of this meet in 2012, where the Canadians and Japanese sent especially much stronger squads.

But while Team USA continues to dominate, day two of this meet brought a lot of new excitement for three different countries.

Australia picked up their first gold of the event when their superstar 15-year old Shayna Jack won the girls’ 100 free in 54.82; that was actually part of a 1-2 finish for the Aussies, with Chelsea Gillett taking 2nd, and that helped lift them ahead of Japan for 2nd in the medals count.

Also on day two, two countries outside of the four founding nations picked up their first medals of the meet. China got a bronze in the women’s 100 free from a just-turned-15-year old named Menghui Zhu – the next in an ever-growing youth lineage of sprinters in that country.

For New Zealand, the medal was also a bronze, and came from Bradlee Ashby in the boys’ 400 IM final, where he was a 4:23.15. That’s a new New Zealand 18-year olds National Record in the event, though it’s still a hair slower than Ashby’s own record for 17-year olds.

Full day 2 recap here.
Meet results here.

Gold Silver Bronze
USA 14 6 5
Australia 1 4 2
Japan 1 3 5
Canada 0 3 2
China 0 0 1
New Zealand 0 0 1
16 16 16

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JrPan Pacs is a happy meet . As such it has a very good record of swimmers progressing onto senior careers – not necessarily at the top but being a motivator to continue. If not , they can leave / look back on a high note. Who does not want to have swum an open air event in a trad pool in Hawaii? It is old school swimming before they got stalked on the internet. For Aust they always love it for a winter trip & end point for the year. However the state intra S/c meet coming up late Sept has become more important for the Coming spring /summer bloc. Bud Macallister is team coach for the rising West… Read more »

I think it just takes longer for many young talents to get their times low enough to qualify for Pan Pac’s because the depth of US swimming (not in all events, but generally speaking) is better than Australia or Japan. Seliskar and Haas probably hoped they could make the Sr team and would have had a chance to fight for World Team spots. They weren’t too far off!

Frankly, I’m annoyed Kalisz took the 200 fly spot at Pan Pac’s Seliskar could have had, then didn’t even swim in the final! Seliskar wouldn’t have made the World Team anyway, but the experience might have helped him at Olympic Trials, etc.


Seliskar is so talented he might well qualify at Olympic trials next year . We will see

Olympics trials will be held in 2016, not next year.


Next year?

Seeing the times.. Seliskar and Haas should have gone to YOG.. sorry for that.. but except these 2, the field is still much slower than YOG.. many medallists of Pan Pacs Jr. would not even medal (some would not even final) at YOG…


I just got it ! No Brazil for Junior Pan Pacs 2014 makes u feel bad ….sorry for that ! LOL
They did put the money in football world cup instead maybe …..

Wow… this mean comment received many ups. Is it an american thing?

Is it better to say mean things than to say the truth?


such a happy swim fan u are ! wowwwwwwwwwwww we should recommand you as Coach or something .

The Jnr Pan Pacs is not quite as fast as the 2012 version, because Australia and Japan sent their young talent to Pan Pacs since it was about the same time.

Who are those best juniors that Australia sent to Pan Pacs?
I failed to see one.

At this time, Australia just does not have many exciting junior swimmers with mega potential if at all. Their best juniors such as Shayna Jack, Kyle Chalmers, Amo Matsuo, Minna Atherton etc went to YOG or Jr Pan Pacs.

C’mon Horton is already 18 and he is Australia’s best distance swimmer and qualified for both commonwealth and pan pacs. Would USA have sent Ledecky to Junior Pan Pacs?
Percy is 19 already.
Remy finished second in the australian trials and qualified for both commonwealth and pan pacs, and she didn’t even partake in the pan pacs due to illness.
Allana also qualfied for commonwealth.

Australia only send their juniors to YOG or Jr Pan Pacs if they didn’t qualify for commonwealth or pan pacs.

I can only think about Horton.. maybe Percy , Remy, Allana

Philip Johnson

Your positivity is glaring.

It is not about being positive or negative.. there were lot of comments of How Pan Pacs Jr would be more important and would be strong championship.. but the times are not so good compared to YOG except from a few swimmers.. So can´t really understand why the Pan Pac Jr is being regarded as more important than the YOG


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