Amanda Kendall Dismissed from Arizona

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 28

September 12th, 2012 College, News

Before swimming a meet with the Wildcats, senior transfer Amanda Kendall has been dismissed from the team for “breach of contract and team policy” according to sources close to the team.

Kendall transferred to Arizona prior to this season from LSU, where she was an All-American in two seasons of NCAA competition. She broke her hand prior to her junior year NCAA Championships, expected to be a huge breakout after winning 4 gold medals at the 2011 Pan American Games. She was subsequently dismissed by head coach Dave Geyer, and Arizona coach Eric Hansen took a chance on her with one year of eligibility remaining (senior transfers carry little risk, as they often don’t receive much scholarship money and are exempt from APR calculations).

Kendall’s addition to the Wildcats would have been a huge boon scoring-wise after they lost many transfers of their own. A peak-shape Kendall is capable of winning NCAA titles, or at the least certainly a few NCAA medals, and provide a huge boost to the already-stout Arizona relays. The Wildcats still got much better in the off-season through transfers with the addition of former Maryland swimmer Megan Lafferty.

This season is Kendall’s 4th year enrolled in college, meaning she would be able to transfer prior to next season and complete her 4th season of eligibility (in 5 years, as allowed by NCAA rules).

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Swim Baron
9 years ago

Are you kidding? This kid gets bailed out by zona and this is how she thanks them. Tough breaks are one thing, stupidity is another. Unfortunately there are LOTS of people saying “I told you so.” Good luck Amanda.

Scottish swimmer
9 years ago

It is only kendall’s 4th year enrolled in college

J. C.
9 years ago

From what I hear, the decision to take Amanda Kendall was the trigger for four unhappy swimmers to leave the team. They were pretty much told that “if they didn’t like it they could leave.” I wonder if it was worth it.

Swim Baron
9 years ago

I wish I had that much talent to throw away too. Props to zona for having a standard but they could have avoided the drama that seems to follow Amanda.

John Sampson
9 years ago

What does she do to get into so much trouble?? I never caught on. Drinking, drugs, violence??

9 years ago

Anyone else find it strange that her old coach from LSU moved Arizona and all of a sudden she is in trouble again… Just food for thought.

Reply to  Truth
9 years ago

Not related at all.
Team policies were in place and she failed to meet them.

Oh...That Guy.
9 years ago

What did she do? Who cares! I understand we all have an insatiable need to know every detail, but can’t we all just stop and think what does it matter? It does no good to speculate and it does no good to make a story of this. Obviously Amanda has trouble, but what pedestal have we put her on and other collegiate athletes like her who make mistakes in which they deserve to be publicly ridiculed and questioned? We just assume all athletes are role models, but not all role models are athletes. All people have problems, some can deal with them, some cant. It’s a shame she has blown a lot of opportunities, but let the girl be!

Reply to  Oh...That Guy.
9 years ago

I agree that nobody should negatively denounce somebody without knowing exactly what happened.

I think that it should be talked about and she should be put into the spotlight, though.

Swimming is moving towards becoming a sport just like baseball and basketball.

How much is written about Bryce Harper? Some portray him in a positive light while others paint a picture of cockiness and immaturity.

Either way, young swimmers, including up-and-comers, need to know they will be in the spotlight, and people will talk about them on message boards, blogs, and probably the Morning Swimshow.

The sport is growing up and will face new challenges a lot more frequently just like this one.

9 years ago



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