Akihiro Yamaguchi Breaks World Record in Japan!

Daniel Gyurta of Hungary has won just about everything in the 200 breaststroke over the last three years, including two World Championships and an Olympic gold medal, but he only held the World Record in the 200 breaststroke for a very short time.

That’s because on Saturday evening (Japan time) at the Japanese National Sports Festival, 18-year old Akihiro Yamaguchi broke his World Record with a 2:07.01, just missing the mythical 2:07-barrier.

Gyurta’s old record had stood at 2:07.28 from London. Here are the comparative splits:

Yamaguchi 29.16 32.56 33.06 32.23     2:07.01
Gyurta 29.19 32.37 32.6 33.12     2:07.26

As great of a closer as Gyurta is in this event, Yamaguchi seems to be even better – his final 50 was almost a full second faster than when Gyurta last broke the record.

Since Yamaguchi first broke out at Japan’s High School Championships a few weeks ago, he has been racing over-and-over again, all with the expectation of getting this record. He has come up just short, but the result is that he now has 3 of the top 6 times in the world this year.

Highlighting Japan’s history in this event, Yamaguchi is now the 6th different Japanese swimmer to hold the World Record in this event since they started being tracked in 1908. That’s more times than any other country aside from the United States (8).

Incidentally, this also took down the Japanese Record of Kosuke Kitajima in 2:07.51.

Full meet results available here (in Japanese): http://swim.seiko.co.jp/2012/S70703/day0.html

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bobo gigi

Freestyle industry in France. Breaststroke industry in Japan.
Nothing surprising after his great times in August. 2.05 next year? Yes he can do it.


Awesome! Here’s hoping he stays focused over the next few years because he seems like he’s got the talent to redefine the event.


You don’t think the breaststrokes have been redefined already?? This event is a second faster than last year, and the 100 version is about half a second faster overall!


We saw something like this in the women’s 200breast as well, though I feel that the women’s 100breast has some catching up to do. Thus, its likely that within the next few years we’ll see a meet where it will take a 105 to medal. With Meilutyte, Soni, Larson, Hardy, that doesn’t seem improbable.

Philip Johnson

amazing! he just turned 18 also (4 days ago) … he is 5’9 and 150 lbs … who says size matters?

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