Age Group Freestyle Drills with Da Yoopers

This swimming video was produced and edited by SwimSwam contributor, Kelly McCommons.

The YMCA of Marquette County Killer whales takes a look at weaknesses among the team through the past year and address them through our spring stroke clinics. Head coach Matthew Williams explains some of the drills and tricks we use to help young swimmers through early challenges.

What is a Yooper? From Urban Dictionary:

Yooper is a common term for residents of the Upper Penisula of Michigan. It is derived from the initials U.P. which is pronounced you-pee. U.P. stands for Upper Peninsula, as opposed to the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is not a derogatory term. It is used mainly by residents of lower Michigan and Wisconsin.

“Say yah to da U.P. eh!”


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10 years ago

Thank you for the great video. As new coach this was helpful. Keep these coming swim swam!

10 years ago

I’m enjoying all the Michigan love on here lately – definitely going to share this video with my coworkers.

Swim Coach Brandon
10 years ago

Some nice tips in the video. Thanks for putting it together. I really like the one arm free with the kickboard to prevent swimmers from crossing over.

10 years ago

Good video. I’m not sure the best way to travel off the block is in a parabolic pathway however. A lower trajectory with a linear path makes more sense in terms of maximizing velocity into the water.

Reply to  Laso
10 years ago

Hey Laso, I think the intent here is to have the kids get a bit more lift off the blocks to get further out rather then just falling in the water. If I’m able to stop my kids from diving straight down only 2 feet off the blocks into the water works with me!

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Laso
10 years ago

I was thinking the same thing, though it might be OK with the level of kids in this video.

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