Adam Peaty And Luke Greenbank Involved In Training Altercation

This story has been updated since it was originally published.

Multi-Olympic gold medalist Adam Peaty reportedly got into an altercation with British teammate Luke Greenbank.

The two athletes clashed at a training session and Peaty was injured, according to Sky News.

“It was quickly and effectively resolved by the athletes involved and the staff present at the session,” a British Swimming spokesperson told Sky News.

According to The Sun, 28-year-old Peaty made a comment regarding Anna Hopkin, a fellow Olympic teammate with whom Greenbank has been in a relationship for two years.

A source told The Sun that it “was absolute carnage” and that things got “very heated” after Peaty made a joke at Greenbank’s expense.

A photo of Peaty with a small gash above his left eye surfaced on social media, though despite conflicting reports, the word is that he did not require stitches.

Peaty told SwimSwam that he didn’t require stitches and “90 percent” of The Sun article was untrue.

In opposition to initial reports, Peaty denies that he ever dated Hopkin in the past.

In 2020, he welcomed a child with former girlfriend Eiri Munro. The pair split up last year and Peaty is now in a relationship with Holly Ramsay, daughter of famed chef Gordon Ramsay.

Peaty is back at Loughborough training after having pulled out of this year’s British Swimming Championships and World Championships for mental health reasons.

Reflecting on that decision, Peaty said this past May, “I took a break because I was on this endless search of a gold medal or a world record and I looked into the future and I said, ‘OK, if I do get that is my life fixed or any better?’ No.

“So take the time now to really think about who you are, what you want out of life and then get the gold medal. Hopefully when I get to the Olympics I will be in a very good mindset, very grateful and most importantly happy.”

The breaststroking ace was among the stars announced as competing on this year’s World Aquatics Swimming World Cup circuit.

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20 days ago

Peaty doesn’t look like the kind of guy i’d want to trade punches with. That said, maybe he deserved it. Sometimes boys have to scrap and then shake hands later.

22 days ago

It has been proven to be a false story – a lie!

Reply to  Roberto
21 days ago

No it hasn’t.

According to Peaty and his people, the original article in The Sun was overblown relative to what actually happened. Nobody has denied that an incident happened.

Brit swim fan
Reply to  Braden Keith
21 days ago

Mountain out of a mole hill

Alison England
Reply to  Braden Keith
21 days ago

Exactly this! British tabloid ‘news’papers are all the same.

David S
22 days ago

Now I really hope that Chinese guy smashes his records

Jimmy DeSnuts
Reply to  David S
21 days ago

He had his one good meet, we know Chinese athletes, his career is basically over. I hope I’m wrong though he was really fun to watch and to see him break Peaty’s records would be awesome

Reply to  Jimmy DeSnuts
21 days ago

This is a fair statement tbh

22 days ago

What did Peaty say? Wrong answers only

Reply to  Swim
21 days ago

IDK but 100% had to be something about “breaststrokers”.

Reply to  swimapologist
21 days ago

Reign it in lads.

Reply to  Swim
21 days ago

My fault, I’m sorry

22 days ago

This kind of swimming news is what I live for

Michigan fan
22 days ago

Drama between swimmers. And a BREASTSTROKER is involved? Hmmm

22 days ago

Peaty effed around. Peaty found out.

22 days ago

It’s strange how much people really seem to revel in the struggles of certain swimmers.

Former Big10
Reply to  Sub13
22 days ago

The ones who are self destructive for no reason? Most definitely.

Reply to  Former Big10
21 days ago

I have no idea how much of this story is true. But regardless, the article about Peaty’s mental health struggles had a lot of people laughing about it.

Dressel, Milak, C1, Regan Smith and Chalmers have all had people mocking them for their struggles

Reply to  Former Big10
21 days ago

Always nice when random people on the internet feel they get to decide what the reasons are for someone’s struggles and whether they are valid or not.

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