Abood, Magnussen, Roberts Added to 2016 Australian Olympic Roster

Swimming Australia has announced the addition of 3 swimmers to their 2016 Olympic roster, with Matthew AboodJames Magnussen, and James Roberts joining the 34 swimmers previously named to the lineup.

The decision is the result of Australia’s men’s 400 free relay officially being confirmed by FINA as one of the four wildcard teams to earn a berth in that event for the Olympic Games.

The top 12 relays from prelims of last year’s World Championships in Kazan, Russia automatically qualified for the Olympics, and then the next 4 best teams from March 1st, 2015 through May 31st, 2016 are eligible.

FINA has not officially announced the teams that have received the 4 invites, but that announcement is expected after June 10th, which is the deadline for national federations to confirm their intent to participate in relays.

The three new Australians will join Cameron McEvoy and Kyle Chalmers on Australia’s 400 free relay according to the organization, for which the Aussies will take just 5 swimmers.

In any event, the prelims 400 free relay will be almost entirely refreshed from the one that placed 13th at last year’s World Championships and created the uncertainty. Of that prelims foursome, only Chalmers qualified for this year’s Olympic team.

In McEvoy, the Australians have the world’s fastest 100 freestyler this year (and the fastest ever in textile), but even if they leave him out of the prelims round, the next four fastest swimmers’ times from Australia’s Olympic Trials aggregate to a 3:13.92. That would’ve been the second-fastest time in prelims at the World Championships last year, and would still leave them plenty of room to improve in finals as they chase the defending World Champions from France.

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Steve Nolan

That is a less than flattering picture.

I LOVE it please only post bad pictures of Aussies for now on kthnxbye.

Biebs Gigs

Don’t worry, we will beat them so bad in Rio there won’t be any flattering pictures of them taken, even if the photographers try to.


Not in the Blue riband events, M100 free, W100 free.

Biebs Gigs

Adrian will whip McEvoy the Astro boy, the same way he did to Magnussen the failed-to-ignite-missile.

Manuel will surprise everyone and emerge as the new queen of sprint.


Adrian is 4 years older & McEvoy is no Magnussen.
Manual has as much as a chance to beat the Campbell sisters as Ashwood does of beating Ledecky.


Watching you rebut him with serious responses is like watching a man discuss Chaucer with his cat.


Care to place a wager?


What you go Adrian & Ashwood & I go McEvoy & Ledecky? Just face facts!!! Adrian is 4 years older, slower, he cannot go low 47s, McEvoy will not comeback to the field like Magnussen.

Team Rwanda

What is wrong with the picture?


What he means is that James has a Adonis bod thing happening & Steve wants to see more of the bottom /legs & less of the cap.

CAN swim

OMG. Gina, why do you have to be so funny every single time.


However the US usually gets badly beaten in soccer. And soccer is the world,s most popular sport.


Because this comment has so much to do with swimming…

tru chainz

Our women won the last world cup


The oppo was worried Hope would come to their house & beat them up. OK OK you can have the F888kin ball.

tru chainz

Whatever works 😉


The battle of the broomstickz .Bring it on .


women,s soccer?
That stuff is not competitive. The major soccer nations don’t take women,s soccer, actually it,s called “football” seriously.

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