A Visual Journey of Blacks Can’t Swim: Ed Accura Launching Book As Part of BCS Series

Ed Accura, co-founder of the Black Swimming Association (BSA) and producer of the three-film Blacks Can’t Swim documentary series, is launching a new book entitled: A Visual Journey of Blacks Can’t Swim.

The book goes in-depth on everything related to how the franchise was developed, including Accura’s experience on a catamaran trip in Barbados in 2018 that fuelled the first song on the subject, and follows the journey that led to the creation of the films, the formation of the BSA, the ups and downs along the way and private messages from several who were positively impacted.

The 380-page book documents everything with several photos of Accura and the BSA team over the four-year journey, and also includes QR codes you can scan to access videos and podcasts.

Accura first launched A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim in 2020, and followed with Blacks Can’t Swim The Sequel” in 2021 before the third film, Blacks Can’t Swim: Rewind, was released last year.

In addition to the films, Accura co-founded the BSA alongside Seren JonesDanielle Obe and Alice Dearing,

The book is available to pre-order now and the first shipments will go out in February when it officially launches.

You can pre-order the book here.

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cynthia curran
8 months ago

I think this happen because blacks in the US dominated sprinting in track and field and so people wondered why they didn’t dominate swimming like track and field. In fact Hispanics are more absent from elite levels in more sports than are blacks maybe because they are shorter for sports like swimming or Basketball or volleyball.. Swimming is a little more expensive and blacks that are upper middle class is a more recent development.

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