9 Reasons To Schedule A Screening of Touch the Wall For Your Swim Club

by SwimSwam Staff 1

December 14th, 2014 Club, Lifestyle

1. It is a MOVIE about swimming

It’s a frickin’ movie…about swimming. This never happens, and when it does, it typically isn’t like swimming at all. Touch the Wall is rank with chlorine, the real-deal. You will identify with daily struggles, successes, and inside jokes. You’ll love it.

2. This movie will make you cry…in a good way…


3. A team event that doesn’t involve swimming

Swim Teams need to get away from the pool sometimes and do something fun. Touch the Wall is a fun film. Yes, it’s dramatic at times, but you’ll enjoy all of swim-insider fun parts too, and remember them for a lifetime.

4.  Watch Missy and Kara take an icebath

This moment would fall under the fun parts. Whoa! The icebath scene is harsh, and funny, and fun. NOTE:  It’s not about the icebath entirely, it’s the conversation Missy Franklin and Kara Lynn Joyce have, the building of their relationship, all in an icebath scene…a must-see moment.

5. Dolphins + Mermaids

Do you like dolphins? Of course you do. Everyone does…but you’ve never seen elite swimmers swimming with dolphins like this. We promise you it’s a magical moment, very mermaid-like in a way that is awe-inspiring. This ain’t no Disney cartoon.  It’s cool…and worth seeing the movie for this one moment alone.

6. Cause you can’t see it anywhere else untill the Spring

That’s right. If want to see this film, you have to do it in a theater….and you want to see it in a theater. It’s epic.  (NOTE: The download/DVD/Blu-ray will be released April 1st 2015.)

7. Cause the music’s awesome and should be heard it on 10’ tall speakers

Great movies have great music. You will be surprised when you see and HEAR this film. It’s well-done. You want the full theatrical experience, and that includes the awesome music.

8. Seeing all of the other elite swimmers

This film is jam-packed with Olympic stars. They’re in their element, honest, raw and very real about what it means to be a swimmer.  In a way, watching this film is like being a fly-on-the-wall inside the elite circles of swimming. It’s very interesting…if you are a hardcore swimmer.

9. Omaha Relived

2016 US Olympic Swimming Trials, Omaha Venue

2012 US Olympic Swimming Trials, Omaha Venue

Omaha is like swimming’s church/temple (name your place of worship). You know what we mean. Omaha, the home of the US Olympic Swimming Trials, is a cathedral for swimming excellence. The film builds and builds the tension, until you arrive in Omaha, and the drama will make you squirm, scream and cheer with excitement.  If you understand why Omaha is so special, you will re-live it watching this film.

To schedule a screening of Touch the Wall for your swim club, go here. 

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Kimberly Rooney

We have a fantastic summer swim team …a team that absolutely loves swimming and their coaches we would all LOVE to watch this together!!!!

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