5 Reasons Coaches and Swimmers Use Commit

This summer, Commit Swimming released a new version of its innovative workout logging software. The web-based workout manager has attracted thousands of coaches, and the 4-man startup continues to make enhancements based on coach & swimmer feedback.

This month, Commit is expecting to release the mobile version for coaches, and a select group of swimmers have already been acting as beta testers for the athlete app. To apply for beta testing, send an email to [email protected].



The #1 complaint logging apps get is, “it takes too long to write a workout.” No one wants to sit there and click buttons to change the reps, the distance, and the interval for each set. With Commit, all you have to do is type! It’s as easy as using a Word document, but it provides more data than traditional workout managers.


You shouldn’t be restricted to input boxes when writing a set. Other workout managers force you to follow a structured format that removes the character of your workout. Since Commit is free-form, you have the flexibility needed to keep your creativity. If you look at workouts on Commit’s blog, you’ll see that everyone from Matt Kredich at Tennessee to Jeremy Cohen at Cal Aquatic Masters have different styles when writing workouts in Commit.


Want to know what percent of your training is kick vs pull vs swim? Are you getting in as much IM work as you thought? Want to view attendance reports? With every workout you write, Commit uses its proprietary algorithm to collect valuable workout data. That data is then used to generate graphs so you can track your team’s progress!


Whether you want to easily email workouts, print workouts, organize workouts into folders, copy and modify an old workout for tomorrow’s practice, store favorite sets, or take notes, Commit makes it possible to do with one or two clicks. Everything is designed around usability and practicality. Getting started with an account takes seconds, and you can see the benefit of every feature in less than 5 minutes. Don’t believe us? Watch this demo.


No more searching a pile of folders for old workouts. No more forgetting your printed workout at home. No more “if this computer crashes, I will lose all my workouts.” Commit is web-based so you can access it on any computer. The mobile application also lets you view, edit, or create workouts anytime, anywhere.


Commit has a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL that lets you try out the program. Afterwards, it costs $8/month or $90/year for coaches. No setup fees. No price increases after the first year. No tricks. The beta version for athletes is free. Only need it for part of the year? No problem, Commit lets you pause your account during the off-season.

Commit also offers big discounts for team’s with 3 or more coaches, so contact them at [email protected] for more info. In addition, you can ask them for demos over the phone or view video tutorials on their YouTube Channel.

Commit Swimming, courtesy of Commit Swimming 2016


Commit’s team consists of 1 slow swimmer (Dan Crescimanno), 2 decent swimmers (Dan Dingman and Nico Gimenez), and 1 really really fast swimmer (American record holder David Nolan). The team is passionate about the sport and is building innovative applications for coaches and swimmers.

Contact them anytime at [email protected] for questions, feedback, or just to say hi. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to their newsletter.

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Swimming News is courtesy of Commit Swimming.

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5 years ago

does it have an area to do season plans for each group including competition dates, S and C, and training cycles?
Can it be reconfigured to meters instead of yards?

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