2018 Winter Swimming World Championships To Take Place In Estonia

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January 02nd, 2018 International, News

Press Release courtesy of Winter Swimming World Championships

Winter Swimming World Championships – a major international winter swimming event, occurring every 2 years, which brings hundreds of winter swimmers to one place. For 2018, Tallinn, Estonia was selected as host of the event.

The championships will be held from March 6 to 10, 2018. The format of the championships allow to swim the following distances with time control:

  • 25 meter freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly,
  • 50 meter freestyle and breaststroke,
  • 100 meter freestyle and breaststroke,
  • 200 meter freestyle and breaststroke.

For those who are new to the winter swimming scene, distances without time control are available:

  • Young seals – make a dip,
  • Seals – a 25 meter Freestyle swim,
  • Polar bears – a 50 meter Freestyle swim.

There are also to 4×25 meter team relays, breaststroke and freestyle.

All participants are split into 13 age categories, starting from the youngest A1 (age 15 and younger) and ending with the older J2 (80 years and older).

If you feel interested and would like to join, register or find more information, head on to winterswimming.world

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