2016 German National Championships, day 3, finals live recap


  • Thursday, May 5 – Sunday, May 8, 2016
  • Prelims: 9 am local, Finals: 5 pm local, on Sunday: 4 pm local
  • Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark (SSE)
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Short reminder of German Olympic qualification procedure: The 2016 German National Championships are the first part of a two-step nomination procedure for the Olympic Games. The athletes had to swim defined times at National Championships in prelims and in finals. All swimmers who achieve the times will be part of the so-called “long list” and must inform German Head Coach Henning Lambertz in the period of one week after German Nationals in which meet they want to confirm the required performance of the nomination process: at one of the three meets of the Mare Nostrum tour or the German Open. They can only choose ONE of these four possibilities. For this meet, other times are set which are approximately 1,5 % slower than those at German nationals. All swimmers who reach the times and have also finished first or second at the German National Championships will qualify for Rio.

Women’s 100 m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 55,08, Final 54,41

No German woman made it under the prelims standard. The German women’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay does not have a quota place for the Olympics. Germany’s Head Coach Henning Lambertz will check tonight’s time – the four fastest swimmers must reach together a 3:39,85 (addition of the single results). Then they will get a chance to compete in London at the European Championships to get under this relay cut for a possible participation in Rio.

Annika Bruhn is the 2016 German National Champion in the 100 free, she clocked a 54,94 for the win, followed by Anna Dietterle in 55,06 and Helen Scholtissek in 55.18 – all are faster than in prelims.


Men’s 100 m Freestyle
Nomination times: Prelims 49,12, Final 48,81

Damian Wierling clocked a new personal best in 48,54 for the win! Second place went to Björn Hornikel in 48,65 and  Paul Biedermann 48,65, followed by  Marco Di Carli in 48,89. Marius Kusch who was the top seed finished eight in 49,26.

Women’s 200 m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 2:11,07, Final 2:09,16

Now it is up to Franziska Hentke – she is out very fast on the first 100 in 1:01,10. With a start-finish victory it is Hentke in 2:05,77 – that is the second fastest time in the world in this year. Martina van Berkel clocked a 2:08,50 for silver and bronze went to Julia Mrozinski in 2:10,87. Hentke said in a post race interview that she wanted to swim faster.


Men’s 200 m Butterfly
Nomination times: Prelims 1:58,20, Final 1:56,33

Alexander Kunert and Markus Gierke both must swim personal best to get a spot on the Rio long list. Kunert out in 55,49 – he really wants his ticket to Rio. And the winner is – Alexander Kunert in 1:57,11 a little bit slower than in the morning and  not under the Rio cut. Markus Gierke finished second in 1:57,68.

Women’s 100 m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:07,81, Final 1:07,32

Vanessa Grimberg is the German National Champion 2016 with a time of 1:07,91, this is a personal best time. Jessica Steiger clocked a 1:08,83 for silver and Laura Simon finished third in 1:09,34.


Men’s 100 m Breaststroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:00,63, Final 1:00,01

Can Fabian Schwingenschloegl go under 1 minute? The 2016 NCAA Champion in the 100 yards breaststroke, trained by Mark Gangloff, is second at the 50 m turn and the win goes to: Marco Koch in 1:00,22 followed by Hendrik Feldwehr in 1:00,26 and Fabian Schwingenschloegl in 1:00,46. No one is under the nomination standard. Marco Koch is the swimmer for the 4 x 100 m medley relay in Rio with his win.


Women’s 200 m backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 2:12,14, Final 2:10,39

Again a surprising result: Lisa Graf took the win in this Event in 2:08,98 – only swimmer under the qualification time. In second cam Nadine Laemmler in 2:10,49 and the clear favorite Jenny Mensing touched third in 2:10,63.

Men’s 200 m backstroke
Nomination times: Prelims 1:59,05, Final 1:58,02

No surprises in the 200 m back: Jan-Philip Glania and Christian Diener finished under the nomination time: Glania in 1:56,01 and Diener in 1:57,46. Mark Fischer picked up the bronze medal in 2:00,96.

Women’s 200 m IM
Nomination times: Prelims 2:14,12, Final 2:12,91

NEW GERMAN NATIONAL RECORDAlexandra Wenk finished in 2:11,33. Youngster Maxine Wolters reached in for the second place in 2:13,90, 1 second over the nomination time for this final. Katarzyna Baranowski won the bronze medal in 2:14,72. (She starts internationally for Poland.)

Men’s 200 m IM Nomination times:
Prelims 2:01,05, Final 1:59,64

Philip Heintz took the win in 1:58,31 – and get a spot on the long list with this performance. Philipp Forster clocked a 2:00,87 for silver followed by Kevin Wedel in 2:01,04.






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Very good result in mens 100 free (for a german standard)
Wierling (born in 1996) with huge new Pb 48.54 (previous PB was 49.07)
Biedermann/Hornikel with 48.65
Di Carli with 48.89
Last year no german guy was sub 49, now we have 4
No one officially qualified, but i am sure that Wierling and Hornikel will be allowed to swim this event individually in Rio.


Hentke doesnt look to satisfied with her time of 2:05.77. I understand it, she set a huge new PB at 400 IM and wanted to swim a new german record today (sub 2.05.26).


2.08.50 for Martina van Berkel from Switzerland, she should have qualified for Rio with that time.


Not going to lie, expected a whole lot more in the men’s 100 breast, particularly from Schwingenschloegl. Admittedly for Koch it is all about the 200…..


I didn’t expect more from Koch or Feldwehr, but Schwingenschloegl was so confident about swimming a 59.


I expected to individual starters in the 100 breast apart of Koch. At least for the medley relay nothing changed, because Koch surely can swim a low 59 in the relay.


Me too, the crazy thing is that Feldwehr and Koch are both clearly faster than last year. Feldwehr was at 1.00.65 last year at the same meet and then went on to swim 59.6 in Kazan, Koch was at 1.00.5 at the same meet last year. I hope that Feldwehr will be safed for the medley relay, i am sure that he will then swim sub 1.00.00 in Rio.


Not sure about Feldwehr. He always delivers in the relay, but then disappoints in the individual events.


He reached the final last year …
I think Feldwehr would be a better option for the relay, he will swim 59 low in the relay.


Better than Koch? I would prefer Koch, because I think Koch could surprise and even swim a high 58.