2013-2014 Major American Swimming Master Schedule

As of September 1st, 2013, we are officially into the new USA Swimming defined season, and short course meets will begin to rule the day.

With that in mind, we have put together below a Master Schedule for American swimming for the 2013-2014 season that encompasses all of the big meets for USA Swimming over the next year. We’ll do one for international level shortly as well.

Note that the full USA Swimming schedule has a “National Team Duel Meet” scheduled for March, but a similar meet never really materialized for 2013.

Yards meets are in red, Short Course Meters meets are in blue, and Long Course Meters meets are in green.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list; especially with different huge post-grad training centers popping up around the country, any given meet could come up ‘major’. These are the traditional focus meets for most of the country, though, including the biggest college conference championship meets.

  • End of September: NCAA season gets underway (SCY)
  • October 12-13: FINA World Cup – Moscow (SCM)
  • October 17-18: FINA World Cup – Dubai (SCM)
  • October 20-21: FINA World Cup – Doha (SCM)
  • November 5-6: FINA World Cup – Singapore (SCM)
  • November 9-10: FINA World Cup – Tokyo (US Junior Team) (SCM)
  • November 13-14: FINA World Cup – Beijing (US Junior Team) (SCM)
  • November 14-16: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Minneapolis (SCY)
  • November 24: Golden Goggles Awards
  • December 5-7: USA Swimming Winter Nationals – Knoxville (SCY)
  • December 12-14: USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals – Greensboro (SCY)
  • January 17-19: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Austin (LCM)
  • February 13-15: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Orlando (LCM)
  • February 17-22: NCAA AAC Championships – Louisville, Kentucky (SCY)
  • February 18-22: NCAA SEC Championships (M&W) – Athens, Georgia (SCY)
  • February 19-22: NCAA Big Ten Women’s Championships – Minneapolis (SCY)
  • February 19-22: NCAA ACC Women’s Championships – Greensboro (SCY)
  • February 20-22: NCAA Ivy League Women’s Championships – Providence, RI (SCY)
  • February 26-March 1: NCAA Pac-12 Women’s Championships – Federal Way, Washington (SCY)
  • February 26-March 1: NCAA Big Ten Men’s Championships – Ann Arbor, Michigan (SCY)
  • February 26-March 1: NCAA ACC Men’s Championships – Greensboro (SCY)
  • February 27-March 1: NCAA Ivy League Men’s Championships – Boston (SCY)
  • March 5-8: NCAA Pac-12 Men’s Championships – Federal Way, Washington (SCY)
  • March 6-9: NCAA Division II Championships (M&W) – Birmingham, Alabama (SCY)
  • March 19-22: NCAA Division III Championships (M&W) – Indianapolis (SCY)
  • March 20-22: NCAA Women’s Division I Championships – Minneapolis, Minnesota (SCY)
  • March 27-29: NCAA Men’s Championships – Austin, Texas (SCY)
  • April 24-26: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Mesa, Arizona (LCM)
  • May 15-18: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Charlotte (LCM)
  • May 23-25: Southern California “Grand Challenge” – Irvine (LCM)
  • June 19-22: USA Swimming Grand Prix – Santa Clara (LCM)
  • June 26-29: Mission Viejo Swim Meet of Champions – Mission Viejo (LCM)
  • July 30-August 3: USA Swimming Junior Nationals – Irvine (LCM)
  • August 6-10: USA Swimming National Championships/World Champ/Pan Pac/WUG/Pan Am Trials) – Irvine (LCM)
  • August 17-22: Summer Youth Olympic Games (swimming portion) – Nanjing, China (LCM)
  • August 21-25: Pan Pac Championships – Gold Coast, Australia (LCM)
  • August 27-31: Jr. Pan Pac Championships – Maui, Hawaii (LCM)

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7 years ago

Could some please explain, why are Yards are still swum in the NCAA and how does it effect the performance in metres?I hear about a lot of swimmers with these incredibly successful college swimming careers but no international success. Is this related to yards/meters sc and lc ?

Reply to  lexbob
7 years ago

Probably not – the NCAA held their D1 championship events in meters in both 2000 and 2004 and there were multiple World Records set at both.

Reply to  SprintDude9000
7 years ago

The NCAA chose to swim SCM in 2000 and 2004 to allow opportunities to set World Records in Olympic Years as well as American and NCAA records. While there were records set in both years, there was a VERY strong opposition from D1 collegiate coaches to continuing to swim the meet SCM. It was abandoned for 2008 and there has not been any real movement to reconsider it.

7 years ago

why are yards still swum in the NCAA and ho does that effect swimmers wanting to achieve internationally in meters? I’ve heard of a few incredible College swimmers who can’t make it internationally is that a product of yard verse meters and LC vs SC ?

7 years ago

Is it a typo or are the D3 NCAAs and women’s d1 NCAAs both in Indianapolis?

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