16-Year Old Swimmer Removed from Life Support After School Shooting

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 6

March 23rd, 2018 News

16-year old Jaelynn Willey, who was shot on Tuesday at Great Mills High School in southern Maryland, was taken off life support on Thursday evening, her family announced in a press conference earlier in the day. Willey was a member of the school’s swim team.

“My daughter was hurt by a boy who shot her in the head and took everything from us,” said her mother, Melissa Willey, of the decision to end life-support for her daughter. “She is brain dead. She has no life left in her.”

The St. Mary’s County Sheriffce’s Office says that Austin Wyatt Rollins, 17, opened fire at the school targeting Willey after she ended their relationship. One other student in the hallway was also shot but was released from the hospital on Wednesday after having surgery on his thigh. Rollins was eventually confronted by the school resource officer Blaine Gaskill. According to the sheriff’s office, Gaskill and Rollins each fired one shot at each other, with Gaskill’s hitting Wyatt and causing “life-threatening injury.”

Jaelynn is one of 9 children in her family.

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Fish are friends
2 years ago

So heartbreaking. RIP Jaelynn. God bless

2 years ago

maybe not the right place and time to mention it but.. talking bout gun control huh? where else in the world do things like that with similar circumstances happen but in america?

Steve Nolan
Reply to  anonymoose
2 years ago

Nowhere. We’re #1, baby…at getting our kids murdered at school.

Reply to  anonymoose
2 years ago

You’re right, not the right time or place. But to answer your question… Norway, Serbia, France, Macedonia, Albania, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium, and the Czech Republic are all worse per capita.

2 years ago

Enough is enough

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