16-Year Old Regan Smith Swims 1:48 in 200 Yard Back at Sectionals

2018 Central Zone Sectionals – Akron

  • March 22nd-25th, 2018
  • Ocasek Natatorium, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
  • Results on Meet Mobile “2018 Speedo Sectionals Section 3 Central Zone”

16-year old Regan Smith, a member of the USA Swimming National Team and the 2017 World Championships Team, has crushed the 15-16 National Age Group Record in the 200 yard backstroke.

Smith, who bypassed her ascribed Section 1 Sectionals meet in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin earlier this meet, is instead racing in Akron, Ohio. There, she swam a 1:48.30 in the first final of the meet. That improved upon her own record of 1:50.01 set in prelims, Kylie Stewart‘s old record of 1:50.66 from 2013, and Smith’s prior personal best of 1:51.30, done at the 2017 U.S. College Challenge.

Smith Stewart Smith
Old PB Old Record New Record
26.83 25.88 25.67
27.98 27.94 27.1
28.36 28.34 27.69
28.23 28.5 27.84
1:51.30 1:50.66 1:48.30

Stewart swam her previous record-setting swim at the 2013 NCSA Junior National Championships.

Besides the all-time age group record, Smith jumped past World Record holder Missy Franklin as the fastest 18-and-under ever (Franklin’s 17-18 record is a 1:48.42), and also moved into 4th on the all-time rankings at any age.

Top 5 Performers all-time, any age, 200 yard backstroke:

  1. Kathleen Baker, 1:47.30, 2018
  2. Liz Pelton, 1:47.84, 2013
  3. Missy Franklin, 1:47.91, 2015
  4. Regan Smith, 1:48.30, 2018
  5. Gemma Spofforth, 1:48.34, 2009

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4 years ago

She is closing on Missy’s Best time …….thats is impressive

Frequent flyer
4 years ago

That is straight Bananas

4 years ago

what tf

4 years ago

i still don’t understand the whole talent vs handwork concept. How does she do this? I’m 16 (guy) and she is closing in on my 200 free time, and it’s not like I don’t practice, I go everyday like many others do.

Dan D.
Reply to  leonardmatt
4 years ago

I hear ya, man.

tammy touchpad error
Reply to  leonardmatt
4 years ago

You’re not doing it right.

Reply to  leonardmatt
4 years ago

Baseball is a sport that hard work can beat talent. Swimming and track, unless you do the hard work and are also blessed with the proper genetics, you won’t break records. Anybody can work hard enough to walk on a d2 or low d1 school and swim, but records are for the gifted. I, like you, should’ve stuck to baseball

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Ragnar
4 years ago

I agree with most of your points except the baseball one. Even the most grittiest of gritsters (Dustin Pedroia?) are still pretty crazy gifted.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
4 years ago

Oh yeah of course, but when you think of the amount of scholarship money baseball gets vs swimming in college, or the 32 pro teams that have 25 man roster($450,000 minimum salary) with the 100s of d league teams that all pay money vs the 6 per event of swimming, you don’t have to be quite as good comparatively to be success. I wouldn’t ever change the fact I picked swimming over baseball, 22.3 is just the fastest I could go

Reply to  Ragnar
4 years ago

The developmental leagues pay players, but not much. There’s actually a bill before Congress that will exempt minor league baseball teams from paying minimum wage to its players. If it passes, they can play payers $1100 a month, which is nearly impossible to live on.

Reply to  leonardmatt
4 years ago

I feel for you, man. It’s more genetics than most are willing to admit. That doesn’t mean, however, that taking steps outside the pool (improved diet, stretching, consistent sleep habits, weight training) can’t make a huge difference.

Reply to  EX QUAKER
4 years ago

U are right – the last factors u mentioned are seriously taken in consideration now – by many top swimmers . Even Yoga has been incorporated for some ( I have practiced 20 years of Yoga and at 50 i am in great health shape – it works so well on many life levels ) and other inventive ways to swim faster .

4 years ago

I’m sorry, what?

12.5yd World Record
4 years ago

Wow. This is an unbelievable swim! Congratulations to Regan Smith

4 years ago

Love what she is doing right now …..

Phelps swims 200 breast rio
4 years ago

What the h?!

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