Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #4 Speedos at a Volleyball Game


Duel in the Pool wrapped up this weekend, as the U.S. topped the Euro All-Stars in a big way, winning with a score of 153 to 109.


Imagine if the older kids on your club team were Ryan Lochte and all of these other SwimMAC studs.


Ryan Hoffer had the swim of his life this weekend at Winter Juniors West, posting a ludicrous 41.23 in the 100 free and breaking the pool record at Texas. Watch the race video here.


Love it when swimming makes waves on the national sports scene. Congrats to Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky!


When you’re too deep into season…


It’s hard to push past the pain and kick that extra dolphin kick underwater, hold that streamline, keep your stroke in line– but it’s necessary in order to reach for your goals.


School, sleep, and swimming. You can only have two of the three at one time.


Major TBT. Recognize that girl on the right?


Texas men’s swimming & diving demonstrating what we call the “front crawl.”


Katinka Hosszu was touched out by Missy Franklin at the wall in the 200 free at the Duel in the Pool, but not everyone in the natatorium was too happy about the result.

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Steve-O Nolan
6 years ago

I dunno if #5 or #1 is sillier. (I hate both empty platitudes and petulance, so. It’s tough.)

Reply to  Steve-O Nolan
6 years ago

As a coach, #1 is hard to take on multiple levels. Aside form the obvious stomping around and kicking things, its the fact that it was filmed and posted.

I am not condone the coach’s behavior, but what kind of class does it show when you film and post in on twitter? Hard to demand people tone it down or be classy, when Prenot, a national team member, is doing the exact opposite by filming him.

6 years ago

The guy upset about the 200 Free would be none other than Katinka Hosszu’s coach and husband. Heard he wasn’t on his best behavior the whole weekend.

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