11th Asian Age Group 2024 Swimming – Indian Swimmers Ke Results

11th Asian Age Group Aquatic Championships 2024

Date: February 26 – March 9, 2024

Place: New Clark City, Capas Tarlac, Philippines

Official Website: 11thAAGC

Philippines Me Chal Rahi 11th Asian Age Group Aquatic Championships Me Indian Swimmers Ne Shandar Performance Dikahte Hue Medals Jeete.

Indian Swimmers Ki Performance Report Niche Di Ja Rhi Hai Jisme Aap Sabhi Swimmers Ke Results Ko Dekh Skte Hai.

Day 1

Likith SP 100m Breaststroke – 1:01.58 (Silver)
Srihari Nataraj 200m Freestyle – 1:49.72 (Gold)

50m Backstroke – 25.76 (Gold)

Aryan Nehra 200m IM – 2:08.08 (8th)

800m Freestyle – 8:03.26 (Silver)

Sahil Laskar 50m Backstroke – 26.58 (6th)
Maana Patel 50m Backstroke – 29.99 (5th)
Women 4*100m Freestyle Relay Disqualify
Men 4*100m Freestyle Relay 3:26.19 (Silver)
Bhavya Sachdeva 800m Freestyle – 9:31.73 (8th)
Kushagra Rawat 800m Freestyle – 8:08.62 (Bronze)

Day 2

Shoan Ganguly (Group A) Men 400m IM –  4:28.38 (4th)
Likith SP(Group A) Men 50m Breaststroke – 28.38 (Bronze)
Chahat Arora(Group A) Women 50m Breaststroke –  34.67 (8th)
Shivangi Sharma (Group A) Women 50m Freestyle – 26.93 (5th)
Srihari Nataraj(Group A) Men 50m Freestyle – 23.08 (6th)
Anand Shylaja(Group A) Men 50m Freestyle – 24.04 (not in top 8)
Astha Chodhury(Group A) Women 100m Butterfly – 1:04.15 (5th)
Sajan Prakash(Group A) Men 100m Butterfly – 54.04 (5th)
Benedicton Rohit(Group A) Men 100m Butterfly – 54.72(6th)
Aryan Nehra(Group A) Men 1500m Freestyle – 15:28.56 (Silver)
Kushagra Rawat(Group A) Men 1500m Freestyle – 15:36.00 (4th)
Bhavya Sachdeva(Group A) Women 1500m Freestyle – 18:03.53 (6th)
4*100 Medley Relay (Group B) 3:51.75 (5th)
Hazarika Janajoy Jyoti (Group B) Men 100m Butterfly – 55.94
Ishaan Mehra (Group C) 50m Freestyle – 24.43

Day 3

Aryan Nehra (Group A) Men 400m Freestyle – 3:54.38 (Silver)
Kushagra Rawat (Group A) Men 400m Freestyle – 3:58.70 (5th)
Bhavya Sachdeva (Group A) Women 400m Freestyle – 4:29.75 (8th)
Hashika Ramchandra (Group B) Women 200m Freestyle – 2:07.89 (5th)
Dhinidhi Desinghu (Group C) Women 100m Freestyle – 57.33 (4th)
Sajan Prakash (Group A) Men 200m Butterfly – 2:00.66 (Silver)
Aneesh Gowda (Group A) Men 200m Butterfly – 2:03.85 (Bronze)
Astha Chodhury (Group A) Women 200m Butterfly – 2:22.33 (4th)
Yug Chelani (Group B) Men 200m Butterfly – 2:09.80 (8th)
Vedanta Venkata Madhira (Group C) Men 200m Backstroke – 2:09.34 (Silver)
Srihari Nataraj (Group A) Men 100m Backstroke – 55.52 (Gold)
Sahil Laskar (Group A) Men 100m Backstroke – 58.02 (6th)
Maana Patel (Group A) Women 100m Backstroke – 1:04.14 (Silver)
Soubrity Mondal (Group A) Women 100m Backstroke -1:06.68 (7th)
Rishabh Das (Group B) Men 100m Backstroke – 57.33 (Silver)
Palak Joshi (Group B) Women 100m Backstroke – 1:04.50 (Silver)
Ridhima Veerendrakumar (Group B) Women 100m Backstroke – 1:08.25 (7th)
Anand Anilkumar Shylaja (Group A) Men 100m Freestyle – 54.01 (not in top 8)
Aneesh Gowda (Group A) Men 100m Freestyle – 53.26 (not in top 8)
Maana Patel (Group A) Women 100m Freestyle – 58.42 (5th)
Shivangi Sarma (Group A) Women 100m Freestyle – 59.05 (7th)
Nitheesh Murugesh Suji (Group C) Men 200m Breaststroke – 2:32.72 (not in top 8)
Men 4*100m Medley Relay (Group A) 3:43.13 (Gold)
Women 4*100m Medley Relay (Group A) 4:29.59 (5th)

Day 4

Ishaan Mehra (Group C) Men 100m Backstroke – 1:01.82, 7th
Soubrity Mondal (Group A) Women 200m Backstroke – 2:24.54, 7th
Nihik Nathella (Group B) Men 200m Backstroke – 2:03.76, Silver
Rishabh Das (Group B) Men 200m Backstroke – 2:05.73, Bronze
Palak Joshi (Group B) Women 200m Backstroke – 2:21.55, Gold
Benedicton Rohit (Group A) Men 50m Butterfly – 24.60, 7th
Jananjoy Jyoti (Group B) Men 50m Butterfly – 25.69, 7th
Men 4*200m Freestyle (Group A) 7:26.64, Gold

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Aindrila das
1 month ago

well done! Indian team. Expecting more good resuls next time.Proud if you

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