ZPCH Synchronised Swimmers Win Medals at Synchrobeat

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th of June, at the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming pool in Eindhoven, the Dutch Championship synchronised swimming Age 1 and Age 2 and the Dutch Championship free combination took place. Hoofddorp’s ZPCH was high up in each of these contests which was well deserved.


The Dutch Championships – more commonly known as Synchrobeat by the swimmers – closed the 2014/2015 season. The KNZB (Royal Dutch Swimming Federation) organised the championships in collaboration with the Dokkelaers and PSV clubs. Around 137 Age 1 (up to 12 years) and 165 Age 2 (12 to 15 years) synchronised swimmers participated at the Synchrobeat. The categories were solo, duet and team. Additionally, on Sunday, the Dutch Championship free combination competed: a group performance contest which can have up to ten (Age 2, junior and senior) participants who create a dazzling show that incorporates the different categories: solos, duets, trios and teams.


ZPCH’s Age 1 female swimmers were full speed ahead. Zärrin Sahertian (Nieuw Vennep) took silver in the technical competition, and Femke Vos (Hoofddorp) came home with bronze. Among the competing soloists, Noortje Reijnen (Hoofddorp) got silver. In the the duets category, Zärrin Sahertian and Femke Vos won silver. The ZPCH team was invincible winning the gold medal. An honorable mention goes to ZPCH’s 2nd Age 1 team ZPCH for competing in the finals.


The Age 2 team experienced the heavy side of this elite sport. Femke van Kesteren (Hoofddorp) still managed to grab a silver medal as a soloist, however the duet swum by Vivienne Eenennaam (Alphen aan den Rijn) and Mayra Burger (Koedijk) was just no match for the “Jong Oranje” (the nation’s top swimmers) that eventually occupied the podium. The ZPCH duet – who had just swum one season together – was still very strong coming in fourth place. The Age 2 team proved to all, their tremendous progression. To the great satisfaction of their trainers, the team took third place in the technical heats. The team, Cadans, was able to fight back from a fourth to a second place position, whereby the ZPCH squad narrowly missed a podium spot.


And ZPCH did it again, at the Dutch Championship free combination, bringing home a very attractive silver medal.

The ZPCH Age 1 team included the following swimmers: Noortje Reijnen, Femke Vos, Xenna Mackay, Ilse de Heij (all from Hoofddorp) Zärrin Sahertian (Nieuw Vennep), and one reserve swimmer: Sanne van der Waal. ZPCH’s second team consisted of the following swimmers Joy Favie, Mette Bos (both from Hoofddorp), Marin Hokke, Orane Brunsting (Nieuw Vennep), and Adriënne van der Brugge (Hillegom).


ZPCH’s Age 2 team consisted of the following swimmers: Femke van Kesteren, Gioia Captijn (both from Hoofddorp), Britt de Moes, Kishan Sahertian, Miryanna Spaan (all from Nieuw Vennep), Vivienne van Eenennaam (Alphen aan den Rijn), Mayra Burger (Koedijk, Alkmaar), Sterre van der Jagt (Heemstede). Madeleine Regtering (Hoofddorp), and Emme-Lotte Cools (Alkmaar) traveled along as reserve swimmers. Soloist Jade Middelhof also joined ZPCH’s Age 2 swimmers. She was specially brought over from Curaçao to compete with the other Dutch synchronised swimmers.


The ZPCH team that competed in the free combination were: Rèka Lòczi (Alkmaar), Jori van den Hoogen (Gouda), Darleen Kagchelland, Eva Meulblok, Shelby Kasse, Rebecca Duyverman, Femke van Kesteren (all from Hoofddorp), Anouk Brand (Capelle aan den IJssel), Kim Schravendijk (Utrecht), Lisa van Seuren (Alphen aan den Rijn) and reserve swimmer, Britt de Moes (Nieuw-Vennep).


Esther de Heij, on behalf of ZPCH, accompanied the Age 2 team, the duets and soloists, and Charlotte Brand accompanied the Age 1 team, duet and soloist. In addition many other trainers travelled to accompany the female swimmers. De Heij: “This was the competition that they trained all year for. All their efforts were on display here! I am very proud of the performance of our synchronised swimmers. Also those who did not manage a place on the podium”



ZPCH has a number of sponsors that support the sport for the entire season. Companies include Drukkerij Koopmans, Hoveniersbedrijf de Moes, Mac One transport and Kerpha Specials & Displays who take care of the advertising throughout ZPCH’s programme. The professionalism of the programme is further heightened by the extensive cooperation with Fysio Cura Plaza.





Swimming news courtesy of ZPCH Synchro Swimming.


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