Watch Sarah Sjostrom Fire Off A 1:09 100m Flutter Kick

World Champion Swede, Sarah Sjostrom, has thrown down some exquisite performances over the course of her career, including her other-worldly 24.43 50m butterfly world record last summer that still makes us shake our heads. And the 22-year-old keeps pushing the limits, as she kicks her way to a time of 1:09 100 short course meters flutter kick…from a push.

Sjostrom’s performance was part of a ‘Champions Crew’ event, aimed at inspiring and motivating young swimmers throughout Sweden. The organization challenges aspiring athletes to a variety of feats, such as the 100m kick, as well as a streamline position distance contest and timed underwater fly kicking, among others.

Conditions of the 100m flutter kick challenge include using a board, as well as the allowance of one arm stroke before every wall. Sjostrom demonstrates some pretty hardcore flipturns, even while holding on to the board in the process.

Of her experience, Sjostrom wrote on her Facebook page, “Thank you everyone who was cheering for me. Felt like I stood still last 15 m! But you helped me! #LacticAcid”

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4 years ago

I know this is a very old topic, but is there any place where we can see the video ?

Gina Rhinestone
8 years ago

Then there are the ppl who can go almost as fast without using legs as full swimming .

Coach D
8 years ago

On her first 50m she was 32.44 on her feet (announced by the speaker) so she was about 37 on the 2nd 50m. One meter is about 10% longer than a yard and those last 10% of any race are not the easiest so you cannot just say that you are going to take off the same difference in time as it is in distance. I don’t know how much time to take off to make it comparable since it is not just a matter of distance, it is also a matter of fatigue, 10%, 11%, 12% (I know adding 10% is not the same as subtracting 10% but subtracting 10% would account for some of the difference in distance)?

8 years ago

I never understood how people can flutter kick fast with a board. My quads always lock up, like, immediately.

Reply to  floppy
8 years ago

After a 100 flutter kick my legs kill me. That’s why I’m a breaststroker/IMer

8 years ago

@SeanSwimmer I believe you did a 1:06 and I’m sorry that sccoach is treating you that way. I doubt he is even a coach. Good luck and have fun at the duel in the pool!!!

8 years ago

@sccoach @swimdoc … I know I can definetly be a bit more politic in my comments, but I just like to state my opinion about these things. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sarah Sjostrom is an incredible swimmer, I hope she swims at the duel in the pool so I can see her swim in person. And for the record “sccoach”, I did indeed swim a 1:06.97 in my 100 kick in short course yards. It was from the block and I streamlined. It was the day after my championship meet and the last practice of the season, and it was simply for the fun of it. FYI: I was in a fastskin while I did it. During sets,… Read more »

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
8 years ago

“It was from the block and I streamlined.”

And the plot thins…

Seriously, that’s still something to be proud of. Keep working hard and having fun!

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
8 years ago

Was just messing around, I didn’t mean any offense. I believe you… kinda

Reply to  Sccoach
8 years ago

Streamline, suited, with a dive….it’s totally believable.

But also a very different swim than meters from a push with a kickboard.

Joel Lin
8 years ago

I’d need an Evinrude outboard motor duct taped to my ankles to do what she did. Impressive. Too many bozo comments here, she’s incredible.

Reply to  Joel Lin
8 years ago

Agreed. I couldn’t even do a flip turn without a board as fast as she can with one.

8 years ago

There’s a video of Charlie Houchin (i think) doing a 400 LCM kick with board going 4:55.

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